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Thread: Betterdry out of business?

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    Default Betterdry out of business?

    Hi just tried to look at the Betterdry website,to see if there were any new updates to their diapers and their website is no longer available.

    Anyone know if they've stopped production or gone out of business?

    If they have I'm thinking they went downhill since changing the product to Betterdry from the old Comficare, everyone liked the Comficare and they didn't listen to their customer feedback.

    Although I didn't like the new style product they weren't the worst diapers out there and the Crinklz had great designs.

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    The parent company is Thrust Vector, betterdry is just a trademark/brand of theirs. they're the same company that makes crinklz.

    they recently did a major change in their product. might be related.

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    i have a case coming from comfy dry. I have gotten attached to them. It would be a shame to have to start looking for a new favorite. Blog page works. Last entry:
    New Business Address
    Dear customers, we are currently posting reviews on how to redesign the BetterDry website. We would like to know your wishes and requirements. On the following page, we have set up a survey that runs until 20 November.

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    I reeeeally love BetterDry! I think it's much better than Comficare, it's one of my top faves, be it Crinklz or plain white :3

    I didn't hear about this change.. I hope it mainly stays the same. Their odour control, capacity, comfiness.. it's all so good, I don't wanna lose it and change my faves again augh <__<

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    I didnt try the blog page as everytime I clicked on it, was just getting a 404 message saying this website is no longer available.
    Maybe it's just a website upgrade like Arch took said.

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    How do they compare to abena level 4 or dry24/7?

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    The header with their logo, and the nav still appear to be live. Kind of looks like their wordpress config shit the bed (or pissed the diaper?). Wouldn't worry, yet.

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    Am I experiencing Deja Vu? I'm sure I have seen this topic before because I made a mad dash to check the ComfiDry website to make sure they weren't gone because I get the two 24/7 diapers mixed up.

    With the new offerings from ABU I haven't ordered ComfiDry's in a while. Are they made differently, because I always thought they were a great premium diaper and have not had a problem out of the company or their product.

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    Confidry is a completely different manufacturer to Betterdry, Betterdry are manufactured in Germany, these guys also make the crinklz diapers. Confidry are made in the USA.

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    I last month I picked up an order from for a bag of large and medium Betterdry Diapers, they were the newly redesigned version and we had to wait a while for the new shipment to arrive.

    The new product is still active on the healthwicks site ao it must just be a issue with the betterdry website

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