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Thread: My Mom Found Out My Diaper Fetish!

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    Default My Mom Found Out My Diaper Fetish!

    I have liked diapers since as long as I can remember, because I wet the bed and my parents made me wear diapers. That's were I believe I got my my diaper fetish from. I am 24 years old and graduated from college and now back at home living and still am today trying to get back on my own. Anyways about a year ago my I was using my mom's computer looking at diapers on amazon. She looked at her history the next day later and found I was looking at attends diapers on amazon. She asked me why I was looking at diapers and she was like do have some kind of medical problem. I told her no and I didn't give her an another reason at the time.

    I was freaking out at the time and didn't know what excuse I could give her I didn't want to tell her I had a diaper fetish. So a few days later I was wearing a wet diaper late at night while she was sleeping and sat on the couch and accidentally got a wet spot on it. Then I came up with an idea that I will tell my mom that I wet her couch while sleeping. I was going to use this as an excuse to why I was looking at diapers. I was going to tell her that I was wearing diapers for my bed wetting that she didn't know about and I leaked and I was to embarrassed to tell her I was bed wetting. She actually bought my excuse and I started wearing diaper to bed from then on every night. I would pee in them from time to time throwing them away in the thrash in plastic bags to make it seem like I was a really wetting the bed.

    I then stop wearing diapers to bed and acted like my bed wetting got better because I got sick of wearing diapers to bed and faking it and out of shame. Then I got a urge to wear diapers to bed again and pee d my bed on purpose and I started to wear again and then stopped. Anyways recently I was telling her I wrote a book on amazon that I published. It's about a fictional diaper lover scenario of a Guy and his girlfriend wearing diapers .She kept asked me what the book was about and I was dumb and should of made up something, but I kept telling her it I didn't want to tell her what it was about.Well later on she found on her computer I guess she went onto amazon and my amazon publisher login was on there and it also show up on amazon's homepage. She saw my book I wrote on there about diapers and the fake pen name on it was the first name of my dog. So she knew it was me that wrote that book as it was logged onto my account also. She brought it up to me like I know what your book is about.She said the title of the book and my stomach dropped. She did accept that I was evolved in diapers and writing erotica and she also thought it was funny because she was teasing me about it. "My mom is big tease of a personality". I don't know if she completely understands I have a diaper fetish, but I think she does. But she keeps kinda teasing me about diapers now from time to time. I didn't say to her I had a diaper fetish though.I made an excuse that I was writing it just to make money off fetish's and erotica as it's the top selling genre but I think it's kinda hard for her to believe because she knew I was wearing diapers for my fake bed wetting and she probably thinks I made it up now. I am thinking about telling her I got a fetish from diapers from having to wear them for my bed wetting. Sorry for run on sentences I don't usually right this way.. I am trying to write fast.Also I posted here before and been looking through this site for years but forgot my login thanks for reading what do you think I should do about this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo

    "Wait! I couldn't even get past your first two sentences. You actually developed a sexual desire for diapers because your parents made you wear them as a kid?

    This doesn't make any sense though, since you say before that you've like them for as long as you can remeber. That would make you a DL, not a diaper fetish (Sexual Diapers). Which is it then?"

    ME" I know I typed the article fast, but you can easily understand it. I have one typo in my post that I can see, and many run on sentences that's about it.Yea I liked diapers as long as I can remember, because my parents put me in diapers for bed wetting when I was really young. That's where I think I got the fetish from and is what I meant by saying that,I was very young when this happened, I am surprised I can remember it, it's about as far as I can think back clearly. I wore diapers to bed for long time than my parents took me out of them like when I was like between late 3 early 4 years old and i don't remember that. But I remembered when they put me back into diapers not to long after I think. I don't know why they took me out of them, but I remember not wearing them at the time.I remember this because I was embarrassed about it because my dad bought diapers and was like I am tired of you wetting the bed. I remember I didn't want to wear them and I was acting like a jerk and he told me babies wore diaper because they peed the bed. These were plastic backed toddler diapers not pull-ups either so I think that contributed to it too. I guess I should been more clear on it. Thanks for pointing that out so I can make more sense. "

    I filled out registration form wrong that why it said I am 30, I still haven't found a a way to change it"
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    I told my mom after she found my diapers.. I didn't even bother making stuff up, I was tired of having to hide stuff all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluejay192 View Post
    I told my mom after she found my diapers.. I didn't even bother making stuff up, I was tired of having to hide stuff all the time.
    How did that go?

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    good actually, I just told her in a letter and then followed up in person. all she had to say was she understood we all have our differences and that she supported anything I did.

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    Nothing was ever said but I always suspected that my Mother knew I liked being a bedwetter during my teens.

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    That has always been my biggest fear since I live at home while going to school. I basically have completely given up wearing diapers until I move out because I got so tired of worrying about getting caught, I just order a sample pack every now and then just to fill the urge. It seems like at this point you should be honest if it gets brought up again.

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    Oh I see I am going to change that I don't usually pay attention to certain details while signing up to websites I just put fake info usually.I think most people do that for most sites.I tried to get signed up fast and my story written to get replies the next day before I went to sleep last night because it was getting late. I am 24 though

    - - - Updated - - -

    I guess It can't be changed I lied on the date of birth filling it out quickly,I didn't know it would show up.Well whatever I am over 18 anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluejay192 View Post
    I told my mom after she found my diapers.. I didn't even bother making stuff up, I was tired of having to hide stuff all the time.
    I am with you on this one tbh. If i ever get discovered, i will just be completely honest and up front about it. After over 10 years of hiding this part of me from everyone, i think by now, if my parents did come across it, it would be time to spill the beans. Constantly having these "what if scenarios" in your head and losing sleep over it isnt healthy, especially for a long time. I remember when i was about 12-14ish, my urge to wear was crazy strong. I am a good person by nature, however, at this innocent age, my willpower to resist just wasn't there yet. I would steal from my cousins house almost every opportunity i got, stuffing them in my pocket to bring home at the end of their birthday party. Of course once these diapers were used up and none of my cousins had bdays for a more than a couple months, i would start to lose my mind a little. On more than one occasion i attempted to steal from a store. Never did though. At this point i cant even fathom what was going through my head at that age but thankfully, still remain under the radar. sorry or the rant lol

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