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Thread: telepathy? or am i just crazy

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    Default telepathy? or am i just crazy

    so lately i've been hearing voices in my head
    i do believe there is such a thing as telepathy or reading the thoughts of other people so i guess it could be that. any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruebenjay View Post
    so lately i've been hearing voices in my head
    i do believe there is such a thing as telepathy or reading the thoughts of other people so i guess it could be that. any ideas?
    Could be Schizophrenia, lack of sleep, medical problems, could be a whole range of things. even (caffeine overdose) drug overdose etc

    I sometimes hear and see things after having way too much caffeine in my system at once, add that ontop of lack of sleep.

    If it's your own "voice" could just be anxiety, I always have a voice in the back of my head telling me I shouldn't do this or that because it's gonna end badly.

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    Binary's given the most likely answers for you. It's probably something he mentioned. Though I also think there are things we don't understand yet. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence of telepathy, but nothing solid. If we can use technology to communicate wirelessly, then maybe biology can do the same thing, and we don't understand yet? After all, even biological organisms have electric aspects. But... There's no proof of this, it's just a theory. Cobsider what's most likely first, then what's less likely afterwards.

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    HA. I knew you were going to post this.

    It's actually all just in your head. Some even call it your own conscience, will call it schizophrenia though. And it probably should be treated (especially if those voices are saying bad stuff).

    Luckily you have choices. There is the really old favorite of an icepick up the nose or eye socket. Electric shock therapy was used for a while back too. More modern therapists seem to favor pills though. Take your pick.

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    they have me on pills for it, but they do nothing. I've kind of gotten used to the voices. they say astonishing things such as "don't drink milk today" I did, I got sick from it. another example would be "don't go to the doctors today, they're closed to you" I did, the doctor expected me to pay an outrageous fee.
    I THINK I have a way of predicting the future, thus avoiding bad or unfortunate events. to me it ad's weight to the fact that true telepathy may exist.

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    It's just coincidences. Don't fool yourself into thinking the voices are anything else but your own brain or you will get sicker.
    I sometimes blurt out loud some stuff, I feel a pressure building and I get a release from saying it and it feels involuntary. I told about it to my psych and they said it's fine as long as I know it's me, and I don't think it's someone else controlling me or putting ideas in my head. And they are right.

    Keep this thought; it's just me, it's just my brain. It'll keep you safe even if it would feel better at the moment to think it's something magical.

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    More likely your subconscious is picking up on things you're not fully understanding or realizing. Such as, you ate something prior to the milk, which has before cause a bad reaction to it. You didn't consciously realize the connection before, but subconsciously you did.

    The same for the doctor. They always charge a high rate if you don't have insurance (or a high deductable/copay plan). You probably already knew this, but hadn't actively realised it.

    Have you ever watched "the mentalist". Kind of like that, just not so profound with you. And nit psychic either.

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