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Thread: Hi! Long time no see!

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    Default Hi! Long time no see!

    So I originally joined ADISC in 2012 but I've been inactive here since 2014, with various other things keeping my attention, so most of you probably won't remember me. I just remembered ADISC the other day and remembered how much I had enjoyed it here so I decided to come back.

    I'm not AB but I am IC, diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder in 2013. I have retention/overflow incontinence which I mostly manage with intermittent catheters, though my bladder still tends to be a bit unpredictable sometimes, so I still wear diapers or large pads as a precaution, particularly if I'm out for an extended time. Originally my doctor thought that it was caused by a severe infection, then they thought it might be MS (for which I tested negative) and the latest theory from my urologist is that it is probably a result of a back injury I had years ago. I have bowel issues too but again it's more a retention problem.

    I am a trans man (female to male transsexual), I've been on hormones for 6 years and had top surgery in 2013. As I don't plan on any further surgery I consider my transition complete. I'm also involved with my local trans and LGB communities.

    Work - I'm still at the same company I was at in 2012; I work in the back office of a major UK call-centre. Not the most exciting job in the world but I like it.

    My main hobby is writing, mainly fantasy fiction and related genres. Since I last posted here, I've completed the first drafts of three novels, though they all need some hefty revision before I can consider them publishable. I also do a fair bit of walking; I live in a large city in England but I'm just a few miles away from some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.

    I also play Second Life (since 2007) where I now run a cosy little jazz club speciallising in Swing era (1935-1945). If you're not sure what Swing is, my favourite example is this:

    My club is all done out in black and white, just like those old movies.

    The dog in my userpic is Xena, my half-labrador dog who passed away in late 2012. I will probably update that soon but I will leave it for now in case someone remembers it.

    So, hello again to those who remember me, and just hello to those who don't.

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    Hello and welcome back

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    Hey, and welcome back. I do remember you. Hope you enjoy hanging round as much as you used to. I visit regularly but I'm not as active as I was a while back.

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