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Thread: ABU Space diapers loose around the legs

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    Default ABU Space diapers loose around the legs

    I recently received my first pack of Space diapers and love them except that I can't seem to get them tight enough around my legs. The elastic leg cuffs are always loose which creates leaks. I've tried to move the bottom tapes around but can't seem to get them sealed off. I can feel air getting in as I walk. Has anyone else experienced this and are there any suggestions to get a secure fit?

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    You may be in the wrong size. I am one who is unfortunately stuck in the middle of a medium and large. The mediums don't have enough rise and the larges are a tad bigger than needed. I would make sure they are pulled up tight and the leak guards are standing up before you put it on. Make it part of the routine when stretching out the diaper the first time to get your fingers under the leak guards and really get them up. Once the diaper is on take a finger and run it around your legs from the front to the back to make sure they are sealing. Hopefully that fixes it.

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    This is a common problem with any diaper that uses a tape landing zone. They shift the lower tapes up to the middle, which simply does not allow for a snug fit around the legs.

    The only way to compensate for this is to wear one size too small. Except then your diaper will be tight overall and will not extend up to your waist line (near the belly button) as it should. You won't leak around the legs, but will be more likely to leak over the top. Blowouts and tape issues are another common concern here too.

    My recommendation is to keep wearing the right size diaper, but make sure they have actual lower tapes. If you're really looking for a good abdl diaper then I'd recommend crinklz. For plain white, I'd recommend confidry.

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    Thanks for the suggestions and feedback. I really love the space design and my girlfriend thinks I look cute in them. They fit her better than me.

    My current go to diaper is the Dry 24/7. They have a very snug and secure feel and hold a lot. I'll have to check out the Crinklz!

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    Crinklz are great and couple that with a good rectangular booster and they hold a smut has a space as swell up more.

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    I've written ABU asking if they'd ever consider a size in-between the medium and the large... If more people do perhaps they would realize it could be a viable product.

    The Betterdry's (plain white version of Crinklz) large are also a good option. That, and the ConfiDry 24/7 medium (which are a little smaller) are currently good options... Tykables large is also a good bit smaller, if you're into their designs... But I wish the ABU's would come up with a similar size.

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