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Thread: New Hard Drive.

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    Default New Hard Drive.

    Due to the slowness's of my shitty 5400 drives, I've gotten myself a 1TB 7200 hard drive brand new. It's coming in the mail soon.

    Reason being is, I'm using very old laptop hard drives which I don't expect to last very long, and causes constant lockups under linux

    But yeah it's the first time in years that I've gotten a new hard drive, mostly due to money issues, I needed a brand new hard drive anyway, laptop hard drives are slow as fudge and generally die quickly.

    It's been a while since I got myself a proper hard drive, last ones were segates but one of them died after 5 years sadly. other died in 3 months.

    I assume the larger the drive capacity the higher rate of failure for segate, or maybe I'm unlucky

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    I currently have six drives in my PC! Most of them must be about 15 years old!

    Over the years, I've always found Western Digital drives to be the most reliable, so I stick with them. I got a fancy PCIe-based SSD thinking it would be a massive improvement, but (for the money) I haven't noticed a huge difference. I guess the motherboard is too old and acts as a bottleneck. :-/

    Other than spin rate, the other thing to look for with hard drives is the amount of on-board cache. A decent cache size should reduce the random disk-access lock-ups.

    Anyway, have fun, fellow techie :-)

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    Luckily, though I've had a bunch of laptops die, it's never been hdd failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I currently have six drives in my PC! Most of them must be about 15 years old!
    Yikes! That box must be awfully crowded!

    A decent cache size should reduce the random disk-access lock-ups.
    Something I think I knew once but forgot... noted once again.

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    Yeah generally hdd aren't very fast, atleast compared to ssd's, and will over time mechanically fail due to wear. Due to the lack of moving parts sdds, in theory, should last longer. They are usually more expensive though. They are really useful if you have a lot of clutter on your hard drive and can reduce boot times. Apparently you can find hybrids between the two now from what I've heard. Maybe way in the future I will upgrade to an ssd and have a hdd for storing pictures and other personal files.

    Thank goodness I haven't had a hard drive failure though. With my internet it would take a month to re-download approx 1 terabyte worth of steam games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Yikes! That box must be awfully crowded!
    I still have room for another four 5.25" (or smaller) drives! I've run out of motherboard slots now, though.

    When I built my PC I didn't want to have to upgrade the case again. It's big enough for any size board or add-on card. It should last "forever".

    I made the mistake of building it in the spare room. It was so heavy, that I couldn't move it. I had to take out all the drives and remove the side panels before I could eventually drag it into place. It's a bit of a beast. :-)

    Definitely money well-spent, though. There's plenty of room for overclocking, and the next few upgrades should be pretty cheap and straightforward.

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    Damn Seagate are evil, I bought a pair of NAS Seagate drives not only for me but also convinced a friend to pay the few dollars extra for the same only to find complete HDD crashes for both of us in a year.

    Yes of course it was JBOD to max the space.

    Never touching Seagate again.

    Congrats on the new drive.

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    All my Seagates die within 2 years.
    Only hdds of mine to just work one minute with no SMART errors, then the next minute the system can't find the drive.

    WD, or HGST are the best. WD you at least get warnings before it fails, I know lots of people hate WD, but I've had 0 deaths, a few replacements.
    Trying HGST, supposedly 5x less death rate then WD.

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