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    I've been crawling around this site for a couple of months but now got fed up with "pls register to continue viewing topics" -thingy. So now I'm registered

    I've got infantile tendencies for as long as I can remember i.e. stealing a diaper or a paci from my baby brother when I was 4.Now I'm over the magical barrier of 18 but still got the tendency. I'm in lucky position as my mum has approved my need to be a baby as long as I keep my stuff and my business to myself.

    So far I've only tried to wear baby diapers because I just love the pictures they have. I started to wear disposables but now I'm wearing cloth diapers because I care about the environment, they're more comfy and my mum has agreed to wash them once in a while. I've never even wet a diaper and I've no thoughts of trying since it's something I don't understand.

    When in the babymood (and when I'm alone at home) I also use pacifiers and baby bottles.

    I think that was the mandatory 1st post.

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