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Thread: Trump's First 100 Days- Pass or Fail?

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    Default Trump's First 100 Days- Pass or Fail?

    As the US nears the First 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency, no doubt pundits on all sides of the political spectrum will be musing on his time in office and speculating whether he has had any major sucesses or if it's just been evidence of his incompetence and inability to negotiate with either political party.

    What are his accomplishments so far?
    What has he failed to do?
    Has he reversed his position on policy promises?

    He started off with a key signature promise by signing an order which basically banned Muslims from entering the US, even ones with green cards and visas. The ban was struck down by a federal court. A revised ban was also struck down, leaving Trump to blame the courts.

    Trump could not keep his key promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. He failed to get enough support from either party to pass the bill. After first blaming Democrats, he laid the blame on the Freedom Caucus of the Republican party, even though less than half of the opposition votesfrom the Republicans were Freedom Caucus members.

    The House speaker, Paul Ryan, has indicated that the failure to repeal Obamacare will impact significantly on the government's ability to carry out its promise of tax cuts.

    Trump reversed his position that the US should stay out of Syria and gave the order for a coordinated missile air strike. Some speculation says Trump was motivated to attack Assad to distance himself from Putin, after the FBI began an investigation into the ongoing communication of the Trump team and Russian officials during the election.

    Trump has made no progress on his wall along the border, nor has he secured funds for it. He will have to continue to slash domestic programs to pay for his promises to boost military spending.

    He reversed his position during the election on designating China a currency manipulator.

    He reversed his position on NATO, referring to them as obsolete, and then bizarrely stated 'NATO is no longer obsolete' after meeting with the NATO secretary general.

    He reversed his position on staying out of conflicts in other countries.

    So those are the highlights for me of Trump's First 100 days. Entertaining, interesting, volatile, dangerous, but not really productive.

    Overall, I'd have to give him a massive fail. I think where it will hurt him is not so much with his own core base, but with the moderates in both parties who didn't like trump but voted for him out of frustration with the establishment within their respective parties.

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    Yeah, total massive fail.

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    I mean, it almost feels like a cheap shot at this point to say that Donald Trump's first 100 days have been ineffectual - and at this point the administration is publicly trying to downplay expectations by calling the 100 day measure arbitrary. It's hard to see, at least, how he has more to show for it than a replacement level Republican. The problem with choosing a guy who is so disinterested in policy that he couldn't be bothered to learn anything about it is that it makes it then very difficult to push an agenda through Congress or avoid running afoul of the courts.

    A lot of the ideological parts of right bent themselves into pretzels rationalizing Trump because SCOTUS balance was on the table. If you're on the right, getting that seat is a real achievement, even if any GOP president would have gotten it done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fruitkitty View Post
    A lot of the ideological parts of right bent themselves into pretzels rationalizing Trump because SCOTUS balance was on the table. If you're on the right, getting that seat is a real achievement, even if any GOP president would have gotten it done.
    I guess if you were a conservative, Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court would be considered a significant win, and the repercussions of his appointment will be felt for decades to come. Trump stated clearly that he would only appoint a pro-life judge to the position, meaning the decision of Roe v. Wade is in jeopardy. And they wonder why there was a Women's March following the Inauguration.
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    Trump has lived up perfectly to my expectations , that he would be an epic failure , I grew up in N.Y so I was around his narcissistic business failures back as far as like '72 is my first memories of him. All though it should be interesting this coming week , they have tied funding his wall into the ACA subsidy payment so it either gets approved or all hell brakes loose , if hey does not get what he wants before next Saturday he has pledged to hurt people (as in you and me ) the Republicans are up to there usual games and are planning on the budget not passing and causing the entire government to shut down , they think this will bring everybody begging to the table , in reality it will just prove they don't belong running this country , and every single seat that comes up for reelection should be turned over especially that screwball "Mitch the itch" they have all lost site and respect for the job they are supposed to be doing for the people.

    Also Trump's attack on the Syrian airbase was a pretense , the Russians supposedly had there best jamming anti missile equipment in use there , the same stuff that watches over there sub base and spare nuclear weapons in Murmansk, the US has really wanted to test that stuff and see what it could or couldn't do the answer 59 missiles launched , 59 missiles impacted there target , don't think for a second that guy cared about the dead civilians , as far as he was concerned that was people who would not try to come to America.

    He set himself himself up for failure as president because his super hard right agenda , much to radical for his own party, and he made no secret of what he wanted to do, instead of stroking the ego's of the other politicians in his party and winning them over , and then surprising them with his agenda, he bailed about it openly and made enemies , so good luck on the next 4 years because it's going to be more of the same , and they don't have and Democrats to blame.
    His tax plan sucks a little over 44% of it reduces the taxes on the top 1% from a tax rate of 28% down to 10 % ,everyone else but the super rich get hurt because we will have to make up the lost revenue , so one again it mainstream America paying for the wealthy elite , if he can get his party to agree to it , which he may get because he is dangling a pay raise to Congress as incentive because starting salary is $180,000 plus benefits and they do not feel that's a living wage .

    Once again we have a predatory government concerned with themselves and screw us we don't count .

    The woman who was Jane Roe died just before he took office, and I bet she is happy , because they are going to crap all over that decision in the coming years .

    It's funny the Republicans don't want women to have abortions but don't want to support the children they forced into the world either,I don't understand how they can beat there chest about both issues without realizing the great conflict they are creating.
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    Pass. He's had some setbacks, replacing Obamacare for instance, but I like what he has proposed and what he's already put into action. He seems like he's got a plan and he's proactively enabling those plans. I'm not very old but I can't remember a President who has been so busy in the beginning of his presidency.

    I also have gained respect for his actions against Syria after the chemical weapon attack of civilians. Sure, tension is there but he put his foot down, and I don't think Russian wants to go to war with us, he's probably just trying to puff his chest out with their actions following the bombing.

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    President Trump is a failure.
    In fact, I see him as a joke.
    He seems more interested in his own business than running this country.
    He should never have gotten into office in the first place.

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    Pass! Though he has failed in many of his dreams for the USA he has done no worse than any other president of either party. The US political system is set up to make change a slow and painful process to prevent rapid radical changes. Nearly every new president has his idealistic goals crushed by our system of "checks and balances", I hope he can inspire American youth to put down their video games & bongs and get to work so we don't need a bunch of illegal aliens to do it.

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    I've been delighted to watch him fail, because I don't agree with much of his platform. The only thing I'm waiting for that might be positive is to see if he can bring manufacturing jobs back to the U. S. As everyone knows, those jobs didn't so much leave as they were replaced by robotics. The only one who doesn't seem to know or understand this is Trump!

    I'm amazed that now the Republican party has cornered the market with a Republican President, Rep. congress and a conservative Supreme Court, they still can't get anything accomplished. That would suggest they are idiots.

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    Complete and utter failure. Yeah, I saw this coming from miles away and pretty much knew he was going to do almost everything that's happened so far. He's as bad as I feared and as much of an embarrassment and a disgrace as I expected. Let's see what's happened so far.

    1. Attempt to ban an entire religion from coming to the country. This was immediately ruled unconstitutional. He came out with a second ban that wasn't as draconian, but still horrendous. That also got struck down by the courts.

    2. Attempt to take away health care from 24 million people, which would've caused so many people to die. Thank god they're so incompetent that it failed. This failed partly because of Democratic Opposition, but also because some Republicans (the Freedom Caucus) opposed it not because it was horrible and would've killed people, but because it wasn't horrible enough.

    3. Allow Goldman Sachs into various spots in his administration so he can do his bidding and be their bitch. Drain the swamp my ass.

    4. Remove environmental regulations and allow coal companies to pollute everywhere. In an era where our water is poisonous and full of lead in places like Flint, MI and many others that don't get nearly enough news coverage, instead of doing something to fix that, let's make the problem so much worse by dumping pollutants in the river because big corporations need to make an extra nickel and not poisoning the water is too inconvenient for them.

    5. He spends $3.6 million in taxpayer money every weekend going to Mara Lago. He's already spent about as much in travel costs than Obama did in the span of 2 years. If he keeps this up, he'll have spent more money going to Mara Lago in 2017 than Obama spent on travel during both of his terms (and this includes business travel. Not just recreational travel). That combined with his drastic increase in military spending, and not to mention his desire for that STUPID wall (He's going to fail on that front) makes me never want to hear that we can't afford to rebuild our infrastructure, not make our water poison, increase our education, implement single-payer health care (that'd actually save us money, but that's another discussion), implement universal college. Don't tell me that we don't have the money. You're not a budget hawk. You're a hypocrite. Also, if you complained about Obama playing golf, but are silent on Trump and Mara Lago, I never want to hear you complain about tax-payer money going to fund a Democrat Presidents weekend golf trip again. Because you don't truly care. You only care for partisan reasons hypocrite.

    6. We got involved in Syria, did a strike against Assad and now there's talk about regime change. Great. Messing things in the middle east up even more.

    7. He dropped MOAB in Afghanistan. The largest non-nuclear weapon we have, and he dropped it. That is unacceptable (And no, we did not help defeat ISIS doing that. We did not take out their tunnels).

    8. We're escalating with North Korea and just might wind up starting a nuclear war over this because we have two thin skinned monstrous man children going after each other.

    This is just 8 reasons that I came up with off the top of my head. There are so many disastrous things that have happened that I'm sure I'm missing. I can only think of ONE positive thing that he did (Killing the TPP). Granted, I didn't expect him to kill it, but that's one good thing amongst a huge list of horrible disastrous things in a toxic radioactive pool of shit on fire of a presidency. Worst President Ever.

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