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    Been without a baby sitter over 2 years now. Feeling like a drug addict needing a fix I feel beyond ashamed and ugly if I'm in a diaper without having a mommy around but at the same time dening myself diapers is starting to screw with my bathroom habbits

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    Can you kinda love and parent yourself through it? Have you learned how yet? It's an important skill when without a Big. I'm sorry, sweetie. I know.

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    There's always a silver-lining to every cloud, you may not have a big anymore but you'll always have a community to relate to.

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    I wish I had a big. Still, you'll find someone else. And at least as note said you have a community to relate to.

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    That feeling of shame is something we all have to learn to overcome. It's interesting you had found a sort of loophole around it before though. Time to man up though, and embrace being a diapered baby.

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