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Thread: Flow Control?

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    Default Flow Control?

    I was wondering just how much control over the actual flow of urine those of us with (varying levels of) incontinence have. For example with my BPH I almost always have some significant leakage after urinating and I have virtually no control over the leakage no matter how hard I try to clamp down. On the other hand I also have some urge incontinence and when an urge hits I'll only have a minute or two before I will urinate. However when that happens I do have some control over the actual flow. That is I usually don't just totally flood my diaper as I can throttle the flow a little so my diaper has a better chance of absorbing the flood without leaking. I'm sure the level of "flow control" varies for many of us but I thought it would be interesting to see what others are experiencing.

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    I have absolutely no control at all, I am constantly leaking dripping all the time (doesn't stop) depending on how much I drink, if I move position, I can leak more, sneezing, coughing then large bursts but when i stand up then the the flood barriers open and no control to stop it, same goes at night just a constant leak, i had to have a sphinctorotomy and bladder neck insicion a few years back due to the muscles shutting down (long story)

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    None, I'm constantly dripping followed by full voids at random times.

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    Like most here I also have no control, but also no feeling sometimes so I don't know if I'm going excessively unless I feel the brief get soaked. But I don't often leak during the day, by the time I have a bowel accident the diaper is quite wet but not soaked to the point of leaking though, that is rare. My bowel accidents are frequent enough that I change enough to avoid a leak most days.

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    No flow control owing to being paraplegic, that is paralysed from belly button down. Have sensation but no control

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    I have no conscious control at all. However, there are times when my bladder will fill up. Usually this is either sitting down, or laying down in bed. It is not linked to my urethra being kinked or closed off in any way, just random depending on whether or not my internal sphincter is closed or open (which nobody has conscious control over).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGnD View Post
    None, I'm constantly dripping followed by full voids at random times.
    Same here.

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    I drip and dribble all the time and my bladder sometimes just empties without warning. I wet heavily in my sleep and always wake soaked every morning. I wear nappies or large incontinence pads 24/7./

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    No control at all but I have retention so I'm not dribbling all the time, only when my bladder has decided that it's too full. I use catheters on a schedule so I can avoid that most of the time, but some days it just randomly lets go at inconvenient moments even when I'm not due to use the catheter.

    Never at night though; I always wake up dry, but then it often decides to let go immediately after I wake up, or when I just get out of bed, so I still have to wear at night as well because I won't have time to make it to the bathroom before it all comes gushing out.

    Once the flow has started, there's nothing I can do to stop it or even slow it down; it will stop on its own although it won't empty completely; without using a catheter there's always around 200-300ml stuck in there. And the opposite is true too; I can't make the flow start either, even if my bladder is full, and I can't make it go faster.

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    I have some control some of the time - I can last 15 seconds before it's to late - so basically unless standing next to a toilet diapers are my saviour - but I can sometimes slow the flow a bit - but other times it's like a sunami

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