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Thread: Drinking and diapers

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    Smile Drinking and diapers

    Probably the best thing ever since I became legal age 2 days ago. I had no idea alcohol made your kidneys go insane and just flood out urine. I had to go 5 times yesterday in one hour after *one* miller lite. Since it was pretty much pure water it held so much more and the feeling is indescribable . But since beer tastes like coffee to me, I have to add in some arnold palmer to drown out the bad taste. Anyone else love doing this?

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    it isn't just the kidneys either, it can give bowel issues, especially beer which is highly carbonated.

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    After 8-10 drinks I'll wet in the night and not remember it, even though I'm sure I wake up. But I remember I'm padded and go back to sleep quickly.

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    I always wear at least a depend pull-up when I'm drinking away from home now, because there's no way I'll make the walk home without stopping two or three times in the alley.

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    I actually started wearing in college due to having accidents after parting a little too much. Needless to say ten years later I'm still wearing!!

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    I've never worn while drinking before. I know how alcohol is though; once you break the ice with a trip to the restroom frequent trips follow. Usually takes a few beers before I get there.

    I recently graduated from college but when I was there we'd go down to the bar in town on 'mug night' and we'd usually drink two large mugs of whatever they had as specials for that night, and a few shots too. Never had a accident but there were some close calls, especially on the trip back to the dorm lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLC93 View Post
    Never had a accident but there were some close calls, especially on the trip back to the dorm lol.
    On the ride back from the place I got my first bellini at my bladder was absolutely screaming by the time I ran to my bathroom and flooded so bad it leaked a good amount out on to the towels I had placed.

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    I love drinking while diapered. I know it's not the healthiest thing to do, but it just makes it easier to relax and perhaps regress a little bit. I try to limit it to once a week or less often. I'll probably be nicely drunk and diapered tomorrow night, though.

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    Mmmm I love coffee infused beer.

    Diapers and booze go hand in hand for sure just stay hydrated.

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    I never wear diapers when I drink, since I'm always with friends which most of them are not aware of my little side. BUT when I'm home alone (and that's usually my diaper nights and days) I sometimes add some alcohol (Irish cream :P) to my milk, to make it more tasty and loosen the bladder a bit.

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