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    My hope on having a custom onesie made has come to a crappy end. No one seems to be able make what I'm wishing for. I was really hoping for this to become reality, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I already tried all of the crafter on Etsy and Ebay to end with the same result.

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    Have you tried Babykin's , she is pretty reasonable on custom orders and her prices get even lower if you find the material or pattern you like and send it to her, the average onesie takes 3 yards of fabric to construct so just make a mental note of that if you are going to select and purchase the material.

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    What are you looking for exactly? I have some contacts that may be of use

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    I was hoping on getting a custom Raichu onesie with matching booties and mittens.

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    Maybe you can find a costume (A friend of mine has Pikachu onesie, I guess you can find one too) and give it to a tailor to stitch booties and mittens? If you want the boots and mitts be separate from the onesie I can imagine that finding a tailor and shoemaker would be even easier. I hope this helps...
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    I forgot to add I would like it to be a hooded onesie with the ears on the end.

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