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    Default Littleforbig concerns

    Yesterday I ordered two wonderful looking onesies from the online shop "". They have amazing feature of free DHL international shipping on orders above 50$. Anyway - I placed my order and only then relized I might choose the wrong size since I'm just between Medium and Large.
    I mailed them about it today in 12pm (Israel time - it's 12 hours ago), asking if that's changable, and asking as well how/when do I receive the tracking number of my order. They didn't answer me yet, and I'm a bit concerned... Am I worrying to much? Did someone ordered from there?

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    I own companies (not that one) and I would allow up to 48 hours for a reply, companies are busy and get a lot of inquiries, I'm sure they'll reply soon Also I had a onesie from there when it opened and it fit perfectly, I wouldn't worry

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    Default honestly sucks at communication and they also only ship one day a week. I get the idea that it's someone's "weekend job". They typically process orders on Saturday and ship on Monday. Also, their pacifiers suck. Just rebadged Baby Pants garbage, using the Baby Pants nipple (clearly labeled). The problem with the Baby Pants pacifiers and nipple is twofold. One, the nipple has a horrible mold line on the edge that is painful to the tongue. This can be remedied somewhat with a knife. Second, they're not vented at the base so they function as a sealed balloon. This can be remedied by taking it apart and drilling a hole in the part it attaches to. You CAN get an acceptable pacifier out of the deal, but at the end of the day it's better to just order from

    After a couple of experiences ordering from LFB, I can honestly say I'm done with them. Their products are rebadges of other brands, all lower-end.

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    Thank you all!
    The order was shipped today, and I really hope that it would fit good even though I took Medium (and as said I'm in the middle between this and Large).

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    Onesies usually are made of stretchy material so if you bought medium and you're between sizes you should fit, large might be a bit too large

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonstah View Post
    Onesies usually are made of stretchy material so if you bought medium and you're between sizes you should fit, large might be a bit too large
    Thank you for your comforting reply. it'll arrive in few days, I guess we will see...

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