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Thread: How do you wear diapers if you live with parents!?

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    Default How do you wear diapers if you live with parents!?

    So I've been into diapers for a while now and whenever I do get the chance to wear (very VERY rarely) it just takes a huge amount of stress off and I enjoy every second of it! I'm currently 18 and just about to move to university soon where I'm going to be living with roommates for a year (don't know how i'll wear with them either). However, the sad part is that they are basically home 24/7 and never out so it leaves very little time to get to wear. The problem is that if they do go out, its too risky to actually try to wear diapers because of how long it takes to get ready and how long it takes to clean up. I usually need a good 4-5 hours straight with no one home in order to feel comfortable wearing, and I make 100% sure that my they wont be coming home once they leave (don't want them to see me like that lol).

    Anyways, if anyone has any experiences/advice on wearing diapers while living with parents or even while living with roommates (I assume its probably very similar) then I would be very happy to hear it!

    Thanks! ~

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    I use to do it. I know my mum found them but did not say anything until I was about 16. Asked me why do you wear nappies to bed and why do I find them wet sometimes under your bed. Do you still wet the bed. I just said yes sometimes but I though it best not to worry you about it. She accepted that and I came home a couple of days later to find she bought cloth nappies and plastic pants like I use to wear as a kid. She said these will be better than wearing baby nappies to bed.

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    Huh, interesting story! Nice to see how she was open about it! Still though, I would absolutely die if they found out lol, kinda try to keep it a secret. I'd be pretty mortified if they did find out though.

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    I had to coordinate it. I only wear either later in the evenings and at night, or at times I know no one will be around the house for a while. As for disposing, either I stash a used diaper in other trash to hide it, or take it out when no one's paying attention.

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    Yeah that's pretty much how I've been doing it. Although at night is hard because I kinda have to take a shower after i'm done lol, I used to do it at night but got sketched out and haven't done it for a while. Now its basically just hoping they'll go out for like 5 hours to do something, which is very rare.

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    why do you need a shower when done do you mess them at night. If you only wet them have a shower in the morning

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    It's really easier than you think. I've worn Abena L4's around my parents and they're none the wiser. 1)Snuggly-fitting underwear over your diaper, and also denim pants, are your friend for masking crinkles. 2)Have a disposal plan. 3)Plenty of baby wipes for clean-up. I never shower right after a wet diaper and rarely after a messy one. Baby wipes hold me over fine until my regular nightly bath or shower.

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    Default How do you wear diapers if you live with parents!?

    My mother had found a stash of rolled up diapers in my closet when I was about 16. She called me down stairs and asked what is this. I said I don't know she gave me that look. I said diapers asked whose they where I said maybe one of your friends changed their kid and left those here. She replied "in your closet and these are way to big for a child" she then proceeded to tell me to open them I said "no" took them and put them in the trash. I was sheepish and embraced for a while but we never spoke of it again life marched on. Do I wish that never happened? yes.. would I have given up the comfort of diapers to avoid it? No!

    Bottom line be careful, respectful and clean but live your life. They are diapers not the end of the world. As a rule of thumb people will only make as big of deal as you do, if you shrug it they will get over it.

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    Well, I use them when my parents are sleeping, I lock my door so no one will come in and see that I'm wearing diapers, because normally I just wear them with a shirt and no other thing but my diaper (goodnites), so in the day I don't wear them because of my parents being at home, only when I go to school, and I have an "accident" while sleeping is when I wear them in the day

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