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Thread: What's your little wish list?

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    Default What's your little wish list?

    So I was wondering what things people are after buying that are more towards the little sphear than the ABDL one? I've got my eye on a few things.

    Some bedding I can not wait to buy. Will be gutted if it goes before I can afford it This is the exact bedding I had as a kid.

    A plastic tray. Same as I used in primary school.

    Cups to go with it

    And cutlery!

    And of course a teddy!

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    I haven't been able to find many people who make them, but I'd love a pair of two-piece pajamas in the button-up style, those were the kinds I used t wear. Most adult ones seem to be in boring patterns though.

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    Haha....I wonder what my wife would think when she found a teddy bear that big in our bed?

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    Right now it's one thing!! A whole case of Magnificos ultra stretch! I've been dying to try them, but they cost so much. Oh well.

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    Well at the moment I would like to get a onesie that fits snug, I wouldn't mind getting a case or Rearz Safari, and some samples of ABU because I have never tried those before.

    I might explore some AB to see what it's like so maybe I'll have to pick up a pacifier.

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    I have just about everything I want for my little side but I do want some pink/girly sheets for my bed, I would absolutely love that.

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    I want a footed sleeper with a duckie print on it, but they are sold out or XXL ;;__;; weehhh

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    lets see um...
    i wants
    a batman forever t-shirt
    a Nickelodeon cup
    multicolored t-shirt (which i cannot find for the lyfe of meh)
    aaaaaand a mr bim monkey plush toy

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    I really would love a pet fox but stupid texas doesn't let you have one. Hopefully in the next year or two I can move to a state that's fox friendly and I really pray we don't go to war over stupid crap before then. Or ever, that's better. Heh that rhymed.

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    Pacis I've a big mountain. Some bottles too. Mostly fails diapers, because I haven't eneough money. The worst wish is "my secret place to play" - finally, everything is money.

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