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Thread: I now a Big broter to a Little

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    Cool I now a Big broter to a Little

    Hi Everyone

    I am a big brother finger to a Little.

    His name is Isaac.

    Last Night I read him a bedtime story and we have been chatting a lot.

    Anyway are there Bigs out there that would give advice on being an online caregiver.



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    I am so glad for you ! I wish I could be a big bro to someone, too!
    I'd send them some age-appropriate toys and diapers and things like that at times if I were a Big to someone, I love to give gifts and hear how happy they are.. sigh <3

    Be a good bro now! Haha!

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    Yea just got to be careful thought as he still live with parents.

    But getting him some diapers. And a snap crunch onesie.

    I also wont to get him a collar I found one the is baby blue and I can get his name embossed on it.

    But he is not sour about having a collar, as wearing it around his parents and going to college.

    I think he should be little and proud and show that fact that he has a caregiver, one that care enough to get him a collar so he can fill special and loved.

    But I not going to force him into anything he does won’t to do.

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    Ah, that is a bit tricky then, yeah. Onesie is such a great gift for a baby <3

    People really, really need to want a collar to get one. If he doesn't ask for one, or isn't into it right away, don't push the issue. I wear a collar for fun, and I've got to collar one person in my life, and they REALLY wanted it. It can be scary to walk around looking different.

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    Congrats to the max, Sisi. Hope you and Isaac hit it off well!

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    Thank you.

    This is so much fun. And it going will at the moment.

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