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Thread: Bags for disposing of dirty diapers?

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    Default Bags for disposing of dirty diapers?

    So I've been trying to figure out in the back of my head if I wanna try messing. So I need to get my disposal method figured out.

    Currently I used a ziplock bag as a way of hiding oder for wet diapers that I have to hide because I don't have an opening for throwing them out. (Usually have to wait for the garabage can to be full enough to hide it under a trash bag.) Is that a good method for hiding Oder if I have to wait a day before I can throw it out? I typically put it in a old target store bag as well that I take out the rest of my trash with.

    Is there anything else you think I should do? Or for sake of conversation how do you throw out yours?

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    I suggest a scented mini bag (usually blue) then getting a big scented trash bag to put those bags in, won't get much smell out of that combo.

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    Soggy nappy would be no problem but a day for a messy one? I would not..
    There's diaper disposal systems for odor though. Diaper trash bins with a lid, and when you push down it catches the balled-up diaper into a plastic bag and closes it automatically. It goes under two layers of lids so the smell is minimal.
    That is not very discreet, though and they cost money :'D but.. yeah. I think your best bet is to wrap it up in two trash bags, close them up with a tight knot and throw out as soon as possible.

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    I just but the baby nappy/ diaper sacks from my local asda/ Walmart and use those they will hold a well rolled nappy and a few wipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by hampshirebaby View Post
    I just but the baby nappy/ diaper sacks from my local asda/ Walmart and use those they will hold a well rolled nappy and a few wipes

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    Are they able to hold an adult diaper? I've thought about getting them but I feel like they aren't big enough for one.

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    I use Walmart shopping bags to dispose my dirty diapers. I usually put about 3 wet ones per bag, or a single messy diaper and wipes in a different bag, then tie it off to block out odors. Whenever I mess, I have to spray whatever room I changed in to eliminate the smell.

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    You do have to roll fairly tight but I find yes I did find some big ones on a incontinence site but can't remember witch

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    I use the baby diaper bags too, you can get them in any supermarket. If you roll an adult diaper tightly it fits comfortably.

    You can get larger ones from incontinence supply websites too.

    There is no way you can keep a messy diaper in a room even bagged, it needs to go out straight away.

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    Being incontinent due to an OAB I have a diaper pail in the bathroom, however any bowel soiled diapers are placed in a large ziplock bag then a plastic bag tied tightly, I never keep bowel soiled diapers in the apt very long they are normaly taken out to the garbage right away.
    please rethink your plan to use and hide the diaper for a few days even sealed in a ziplock bag on a hot day you will eventualy smell the diaper.

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    When I can't dispose of it right away, I usually put them in a compost bag that neutralize the odours, and then put that bag in a small plastic container with a lid that closes tightly or have snaps. Whenever I can, I go outside, open the container then put the bag in a thicker one and take it to the trash.

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