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Thread: Movies you should see before you die.

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    Default Movies you should see before you die.

    List all the movies you think someone should see before they die. I'll make a list later

    Let's try to limit it to a list of 10

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    Animal House
    Blue Brothers
    The Crow
    Enter The Dragon
    The Warriors
    A Hard Day Night
    Dazed And Confused
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Heavy Metal
    Pink Floyd The Wall


    And I can name more....
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    You know what's ironic about this thread? I was at Barnes and Nobles earlier today looking through a book titled, "1001 Movies to see before you die". Its ominous, I tell you.

    I would reccomend:

    - Starwars
    - Indiana Jones
    - The Matrix
    - Black Hawk Down
    - Rambo IV
    - Pineapple Express (just for the opening scene)
    - Lord of War
    - Wizard of Oz

    Trust me! PE is a good movie.

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    -Starwars 6-ology
    -Lord of the Rings trilogy
    -Shawshenk Redemption
    -The Godfathers
    -Schindlers List
    -Fight Club
    -2001: A space Odyssey
    -Indiana Jones x4
    -Phantom of the Opera
    -Gone with the Wind

    Honorable mention: James Bonds
    Personal mention: The Lion King

    ..okay, so I have 12..ish. I can't really take any of them out of here. But there's so many more..

    Ones that didn't make it on the list, but should have:
    Forrest Gump
    The Matrix
    Fight Club
    Breakfast Club
    Return of the Samurai
    The Dark Knight
    Terminator 2
    Back to the Futures
    Hotel Rwanda
    No Country for Old Men
    The Wizard of Oz
    Bourne ___ series
    V for Vendetta
    Toy Story
    The Exorcist

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    Mulholland Dr.
    Requiem for a Dream
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Dr. Strangelove
    Pulp Fiction
    The Big Lebowski
    Alien + Aliens
    The Silence of the Lambs
    Children of Men

    And simply for the hilarity:
    Guitar Wolf: Wild Zero
    Bad Taste
    Plan 9 from Outer Space
    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    Braindead (or Dead Alive in the US)

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    Gone in 60 seconds (1974)
    Pulp Fiction
    The Big Lebowski
    No Country for Old Men
    The Italian Job (1969)
    Boyz n tha hood
    Training Day

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    Star Wars (1977) no "improvements," as originally released.
    Young Frankenstein
    Frankenstein (1931)
    King Kong (1933)
    The Wizard of Oz
    Dr. Strangelove
    The African Queen
    Stagecoach (1939)

    I put dates on some of the movies to differentiate them from remakes.

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