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Thread: Bambino ordering problems

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    Angry Bambino ordering problems

    So this is my first time ordering from bambino as I usually wear ABU, however I decided last sunday that I wanted to try out the magnificos. Unfortunatley the order has been processing for two days now and has still not shipped. Does anyone have any idea on how long orders from bambino tend to process? Im just a little worried because every time I've ordered from ABU they processed and shipped out within the day.

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    Processing isn't magic (someone has to verify the payment has gone through and approve the order) and not all companies send things out instantly, give it 72 hours before labeling it a "problem"

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    Also if you ordered before the weekend, you had that, plus Easter on top of that. I received my process email today. Had you ordered on Monday, and not processed til Friday, then that would be a concern.

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    If you ordered during their easter "stretch" sale expect some delays. It even says on their website orders will take 48-72 hours to ship. Just give it some time.

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    I ordered Magnificos last Thursday and they shipped on Monday.

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    I also ordered 2 cases this past weekend from them (both magnifico's and plain stretches) It did take a few days for the order to process, I chalked it up to increased volume due to there sale, Easter holiday, and regular purchases.
    They actually put a banner on there website asking for people to have patience while there orders are processed. My order was processed yesterday, tracking label created and shipped out.
    Normally Bambino is pretty quick to respond, so give them time.

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    I ordered from Save Express just now and it took AGES to get the packet. First I had to wait over the weekend, then for the bank to transfer money, then for them to get my huge order in boxes and then over the holidays AND THEN..! wait for my slow, local post system to get them over here +__+ augh.. ordering before holidays is THE WORST!!

    But!! It wasn't their fault, they were very brisk and professional and I have ordered from them maaaaaany times before and I will order again in the future.

    It's just impossible to be any faster under holidays.

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