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Thread: Anybody know anything about private jets, or concierge doctors?

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    Question Anybody know anything about private jets, or concierge doctors?

    It's for the believability factor in a story I'm writing. One of the characters is über rich. I'm disabled, and if I were stupid rich, I'd like a concierge medical team, a truly accessible home, and mobile hotel room, (Would a class A motor home work?) and an entire production run of as yet non-existent disposable AB/Little pull-ups. What kinda money we talkin'?

    Also, I know no security checks, or other stupid bulls-hit are necessary for private flights, but what about widening the door, and getting a passenger boarding bridge, a.k.a. Docking tunnel? They let wheelchair users bypass the stairs, so, yeah, kinda important. Do you have to clear the flight with anybody? Where can you take off from? What planes are all weather? I don't need an ass of room, but there's 2 wheelchair-using service dog handlers in this story. A place to let someone make meals on the plane makes sense. A bed does not. Sleeping in the sky, in a moving vehicle, without being strapped in. No. Thank you. A shower on a plane? Totally unnecessary. A comfortablely-sized toilet and sink? Necessary, but only for, "normies," flying with them. So, which plane?
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    You're not going to widen the door to the plane. Airframes are certified as-is and that sort of modification would require FAA recertification - not realistic. Also, those planes don't park at jetways; you'd be using air stairs, probably at an FBO away from main terminals ( at an airport that has regularly scheduled airline service; smaller GA airports don't even have "main terminals" or jetways.

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you're flying VFR, you don't have to clear the flight with anybody, but most jets will be flying IFR and will have a flight plan filed and will have to have air traffic control clearance, generally before departure, but often especially at smaller fields you can depart and then pick up your clearance in the air.

    Most modern planes being manufactured today can be equipped for flight into known icing, but there'll always be some weather you're not gonna fly through – thunderstorms, squall lines, mountain waves with standing lenticular clouds ... and depending on the airport, and the aircraft, weather conditions can be to poor ( Low clouds, visibility, fog ) to land, even with instrument landing systems or RNAV.

    As to where you can take off from, anywhere with a runway long enough. Most jet operators will require a balanced field. How long is long enough will depend on the aircraft generally (a Phenom 100 can operate at a much shorter field than a G650), weight, temperature, winds... but generally assume at sea level a 3500 foot runway can accommodate very light jets, and almost anything else can operate on a 7000 foot runway. Many bizjets can use a 5000 foot runway, which is a pretty common length for mid-sized GA airports.

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    Hmmm. . . Well, flight stairs would be an asspain. What if Richy McRichton (No, not the character's name, but you get the point.) Knew his pilot and copilot could land the plane on a fly's ass if they needed too? In that case, could he build a ramp thingy?

    Are there any private jets with doors wide enough already? Just wondering. I know Southwest's is wide enough, but duh. It's a commercial airliner. I'm so silly.

    See, the thing about being disabled is, you end up with the attitude, "F**k it! There's gotta be a better way! I need to be safe at home. Screw code! What is truly safe for me? It's also my home. What do I like?
    I need a doctor. Let's not talk insurance. Real talk, real cost. Talk to me. If I pay a bit more, you can come to me, right? That's what I thought. There's a good little doc. Now, go away! Shew! I need to stay away from home. A hotel? Nope. They wouldn't know access if it bit 'em! If all I need is a place to eat, (not cook) sleep, watch TV, and bathe in luxury, I'll buy a ritzy trailer, with a less ritzy sink and toilet, and it'll come with me! I need to fly. Is it worth it to me to fly with only people I like, not have TSA pat downs, and some snarky agent telling me I have to take off my Service Dog's gear, because there's a bit of metal in it, when I know the law says I don't have to, because it's my Service Dog's gear, without which, he can't be of service? Hell yes! Don't get me started on the shoes! I can take mine off, some people can't, so, legally, those of us who find it too difficult, don't have to. Do they care? No!"
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    I don't know too much about aviation, but... If you're Richy McUnbelievably-Richface then... I suppose you could have a rural residence (a farm?) with your own landing strip. And you could have an air bridge connected to your house.

    I'm not sure about the other end of your journeys, though. I'm pretty sure small private jets wouldn't be allowed to land at large international airports with air bridges connected to the terminal. And small airports wouldn't have air bridges... and they probably wouldn't fit a small private jet unless they'd been specially commissioned.

    So, to be vaguely realistic, I guess you'd need to land at Alf Affluent's house which also has an airbridge connected to his house... and you both "just happen" to have a similar model of aeroplane. :-/

    I'm not very good at creative writing, but... honestly... I'd take the easy route and leave the details out! But then... all the books that I've become completely absorbed in have had a lot of interesting and accurate detail, so I've got to salute your attempts at writing a kind-of fantasy that's totally believable.

    Good luck with the story!

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    Well, in the story, there's 2 wheelchair using, Service dog handling. Little bABies, Emmy and Colt, and a normie Big, Jasper, "Jack," Moritz. He's Richy McRichface, but he's not super ostentatious about it. They both live with him. Hey, just a thought. If he had the right jet, is there anything stopping him from keeping the plane on the ground while they sleep? Emmy's based on me, and like I said, sleeping-- in a winged metal sausage, in the bloody sky, with no seatbelt? Uh, no. Thank you, but keep the damn thing still, and hell yeah! Permanently reserved hotel room, with no access issues! There're a few PJs with doors wide enough. Emmy doesn't need a passenger boarding bridge, just a redneck engineered ramp doohickey. I suppose if the door width was right, Jack could get them up the stairs the way we usually do it. I found you a video. Good news is, should only be 3 steps.
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    If you're really Richy-Mc-Richface then you could have em buy a normal jet and have the inside done custom up. I remember reading that like the Facebook guy had bought one and had a bedroom with a kingsize bed put inside it. I think there was even an Saudi Prince who had put in a hot tub in one!

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    Jack's rich, but reasonable. There's a reason for the jet. Ever fly Autistic? How about Cerebrally Palsied? I was 3 last and only time I flew, but I am cerebrally palsied, and in all likelihood, on the spectrum. I'd imagine it's a pain in the. . . Ehem. Ever get to a hotel and discover the rail was behind the potty? How about that the bathtub transfer bench has no back? That the shower sprayer is hung too high? That the bed isn't the right height? I have. Thus, PJ/personal hotel room, assuming it can stay on the ground while we sleep, for safety sake. Only a story, but I can dream.

    Would work? Would it?! Would it?! Would it, huh?!
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    Whether that lift would work will depend on the aircraft, but short answer is unless you think they're cruising around in something like a 707, should be. Based on what you're saying, I'd think something like a Cessna Citation or Gulfstream G280 sounds about right for the plane. The next catch is moving the trailer around - most of the aircraft already mentioned don't really have the lift capacity for anything large: G280, for instance, can barely handle 2 tons of payload. You can get more cargo capacity, but then it's a larger, more expensive airframe: there's no doubt a 787 could handle the trailer and the passengers with ease. A 787-8 (the smallest model) ran about $120m in 2007 straight from Boeing, G280 runs about $24m.

    As far as operating costs: G280 burns about 1900 lbs/hr in flight (weight being more important here than volume). That works out to around 260 gallons/hr, a gallon of jet fuel was about $1.40 a few months ago, so around $365 to fly for an hour. The other thing to keep an eye on, for verisimilitude, is operational range. Again, the G280 specs around 3600 nautical miles (which are a touch longer than statute miles) - so, across the US, but probably not across the oceans.

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    Where are you buying JetA for $1.40?! At KBUR (a reasonable place for a private jet to visit), it's $4.85/gal. About the same in the heartland (e.g., KSUS). (Also, JetA is about 7 lbs/gallon, so, about 270 gallons.) But that's not the real cost of operating a bizjet. The engines, for instance, in a Hawker 700A run about $350K each, and are good for 1600 hours IIRC. Two of them. So tack on about $437.50/hr towards engine replacement (probably more than that). Actual operating cost (not including pilot, etc.) for a bizjet is probably in the neighborhood of at least $2,500/hr.

    As for living in the jet on the ground - maybe (depending on airport regulations - probably need to have someone vetted around, since you're probably parked inside a secure perimeter), but, not comfortably. You wouldn't be able to use ship's power overnight (batteries wouldn't last, and obviously you're not running idled jet engines), and a lot of places have operating hours limits for APUs. Very, very few places will let you hook up to mains (if they're even equipped for that, most places aren't).

    No, regular private jets can't just pull up to a jet bridge at an airport terminal. Those slots are assigned by local authorities and are configured for specific aircraft types. You're using air stairs, 99.95% of the time. (Though to answer your other question, if you have your own airport or specific facilities at an airport - e.g., you run your own FBO, or you've built a house at an airpark - I'm not aware of any reason why you couldn't have your own jet bridge at home. Though note that even Travolta, with his own 707, uses stairs to board it.)

    Though that brings up another issue - most bizjets have stairs built into the door, and open vertically rather than horizontally as on a passenger jet. I don't know of any jet bridge configuration that would be compatible with that - and again, that's structural and part of the airworthiness certificate, it's not easily changed. (Sometimes jets are modified, near end-of-life, to become cargo jets with big holes cut in them for loading / unloading, but it's not exactly cheap, and highly regulated.

    As someone stated above, taking a trailer with you by jet is not realistic; a plane large enough to accommodate that (and be able to get it in/out; think military C-130 or modified cargo 747) would be severely constrained as to the airports it could operate out of and prohibitively expensive to operate.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, that wheelchair lift could work, if the aircraft has a luggage door (PC12s are somewhat unique in that respect - actually, in many respects, they're very versatile airplanes) and the plane is low enough to the ground for it to work. Bigger bizjets, as a rule, don't have the right door, and aren't that low. Case in point, here's my old Archer parked under a G-IV: (I'm 6'2" and the Cherokee is a little taller than I am, to give an idea as to scale.)

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    Question It'd seem we need a couple of work-arounds.

    If you were the characters in my story, what'd you do? They've had it with:
    • Commercial flights
    • Access issues with hotels

    Richy McRichton has family in Britain, so he needs a continent hopper.

    Let's leave the plane door alone. So the stairs are there, and they're gonna stay there. Okay, is there another way, without changing anything? A simple stair ramp many people already use when out and about, maybe? I did see something Dassault did that was interesting. It was a Special Mission Falcon 2000 Medevac plane. It had a lift system for a gurney, that didn't interfere with the door. The door also looked enticingly wide. I dunno; doesn't transporting non-walkies and Service Doggies seem special missiony to anybody?

    ** Hint, hint. Winks **

    Me? Honestly, I'm in absolute love with the Falcon 900LX. She's a bit big, but she's got 3 engines! I love the fact that if you lose an engine, you've 2 more to get home safely on, and I'm not even a military brat!

    Gulfstream's Planeview 2 system is pretty badass! The EASy II system just looks okay by comparison, but, oh well. Gulfstream, Falcon, learn to share!

    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueCrinkle
    As someone stated above, taking a trailer with you by jet is not realistic; a plane large enough to accommodate that (and be able to get it in/out; think military C-130 or modified cargo 747) would be severely constrained as to the airports it could operate out of and prohibitively expensive to operate.
    I know. That's why I wanted to skip having 2 solutions, and sleep on the plane. It's okay. You didn't burst my bubble. I knew it was a long shot. What to do now? Since sleeping on the plane is out, which, I kinda figured, how'd you insure a mobile, damn near weatherproof, perfectly accessible place to stay? I grew up in tornado alley. Now, I'm in Texas, where there're tornados, and hurricanes, yippee! That's why I say damn near weatherproof. Just so y'all know, I think The Father must hate trailers. For the ADISCers living in trailers, not saying He hates you, just that I think He hates your house.

    Hey, if we can figure this out, I think we just answered the question, "How'd Jack get so rich?"
    Now, also, something else I've wondered. Why'd anyone buy and mod a commercial jet? They can't fly as high, or as fast, so, one could get stuck in commercial air traffic, and wouldn't be able to fly above bad weather as well. I'll give it to that prince with the Airbus A380. Pretty badass, dude, pretty badass!

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