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Thread: Name of this song/music video?

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    Default Name of this song/music video?

    Hi all, looking to find this song that I heard back in 2009 or so. I don't know any of the lyrics, but I know that the music video started in a city on the shore of a bay and featured waving blue corrugated tubes or pipes coming out of the ground. You'd think that'd be enough detail to get a Google search going, but no.

    Anyone know the one I'm thinking of? It's been driving me nuts.


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    Do you know which type of song/genre it was?

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    It was somewhat like Owl City, whatever genre you'd call that.

    The pipes were also tossing around a ball of some sort.

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    Found it. It was the Classixx version of Lisztomania, by Phoenix.

    They were playing it in a coffee shop I stopped at and I instantly remembered. Just had to look it up on Youtube to confirm.

    Thanks anyway.


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    I'm so glad you found it!!

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    That's pretty cool. I've always enjoyed Mummanschantz.

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