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Thread: Discreet Diaper Suppliers

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    Default Discreet Diaper Suppliers

    So I thought about buying some diapers finally. From experience which site is the most discreet about shipping? I am 15 and It wouldn't be good if I got caught.

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    You, uh, might want to choose a more appropriate title for threads when you create them .

    XP Medical is pretty discreet. There are others like DryCare that are also, though DryCare's name is a little more suggestive when you see it on the return address.

    You should probably post some more information about your situation. In short, moar post plz.

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    Well in my experience (not much), I have ordered a sample pack of bambinos and they were extremely discreet, I think the only thing they said was the BH group on the return address, and the dry 24/7's say drycare on the return address but that is it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    XP Medical is very discrete. All of their products ship in unmarked boxes. I have often wondered if they are an ABDL-aware company since they call adult diapers "diapers" and not "briefs".

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    Another vote here for XP Medical, plain brown boxes, and a discreet return address label, nobody would know what was in the box just by looking at it, I've ordered from them several times and always had a good experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    XP Medical is very discrete. All of their products ship in unmarked boxes. I have often wondered if they are an ABDL-aware company since they call adult diapers "diapers" and not "briefs".
    Gary Evans, the owner of XP, is both AB and TB aware and supportive. I can confidently say that there is no other source in the US with a better combo of good prices, fantastic customer service, and discretion in packaging. Big to them.

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    Care Givers Partnership has my Attends drop-shipped from the Attends factory in North Carolina. The cartons are discreet. I have always had excellent service from Care Givers Partnership, but I have never discussed ABDL with them.

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    A friend of mine had this problem:

    Having ordered diapers, he was plagued by follow-up mailings of brochures and sale coupons. HDIS is especially bad about this.

    Keep it in mind when you order. If such mailings would embarrass you or compromise your secrecy, make it clear that you do not want further contact. Some places have an option to note that in their check-out procedure.

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    XP Medical is by the the most discreet I seen, ever.

    HDIS is not discreet at all, they sent a pamphlet with a sample of tena body wipes. Not to me however, it was addressed to my dad.

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    North Shore Care is also a great place for ordering, and has the best prices on Attends I've seen. They also have Tranquility, and one or two others.

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