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    Default Training pants

    Recently I've gotten some "little" urges and have really been wanting to pick up a pair of training pants. For me some of the smaller details matter (both mentally, and due to a sensory disorder)

    So.. I've been debating on getting a pair of baby-pants "my first training pants". I was wondering if anyone has (or can provide) actual pictures of them, especially one of them inside out (concerned about seems). Ive read up about sizing so I think im good on that, but am interested in your opinion on them. I wont be using them for the absorbancy.

    Also would like to know if anyone has experience with these, reviews seem legit,

    Any help is appreciated.

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    I haven't used baby pants training pants, it I have used some of their other products (onesies, and shortalls) and the quality on those is very high. I would imagine that the quality of their training pants would also be great.

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    I have several pair of "my first training pants" from baby-pants. I use them regularly for bed-wetting and I find their absorbancy OK for my needs. They are very soft; there are seams where the main layers end and the sides are just one layer but I don't even notice that the seams are there. I have white and several different prints. I like them very much. Sorry, I don't have pictures to post; I believe there are good pictures on baby-pants' website or on eBay where baby-pants also sells their items.

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    I have both weights of Baby Pants training pants. What I've noticed is that over time and many washings, the material will separate at the seems, creating holes. The piping will also fray. That didn't surprise me but I have been disappointed with the seems separating.

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    I bought a pair of the baby pants training pants awhile back. They're ok from what I remember. I think I ordered to small of a pair at the time as they never seemed to fit right. There's actually a seller on ebay and etsy that has some really nice training pants as well and that are really comfy. Just do a search for "adult training pants" and look for BigTots.

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    I have a pair that I got off ebay or something that say "Big Boy Pants" embroidered on the front. My wife gives me a hard time about those.

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    My little thing with training pants is putting on a Pull-Up (as in the actual Kimberly-Clark product with that brand name) and eventually wetting it, and the rush I get from that is feeling naughty because I'm supposed to be a big boy going in the potty.

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    I stay away from etsy. I once ordered a custom cloth diaper from jessica on etsy. What was delivered was clearly not what I had ordered, and I couldn't even wear it, but I still couldn't get a refund.

    Etsy has zero consumer protections, so be warned anything you order could be a complete waste of money.

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    I have worn those before. You need a pair of plastic pants over them to compensate the fact they will leak through if soaked heavily. Good product and holds a lot but the absorbency is better with the plastic pants over them. Best of luck with them.

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    Etsy has some lovely sellers though, Sophie Snugglebunny is the best.

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