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    So I was grabbing some minor groceries this evening on my way home, and of course I always like to take a stroll down the diaper aisle while I'm there, to reminisce at the pampers and huggies on the shelf. What I used to stare at and wish I could be wearing a diaper as I stared at the smooth white diapers in the big bags. Although my diaper was dry when I turned down the aisle, it was pretty soaked by the time I reached the end to hit a checkout. Back then I couldn't have even dreamed of wetting my diaper as I strolled down the diaper aisle of the store!

    OK now lets hear some of your "enjoyed wetting my diaper in public" stories....

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    I was at work last night, and I was going for a record repacking cereal, I had been there 3 hours and the coffee hit, so I let go, was happy I could hold it that long and had got all the cereal out in about 3 hours

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    I was having hard time at school so to reduce stress I used diapers there every day ;3
    Made a trip to the loo only when going 2# or when changing out from a wet nappy

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