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Thread: Underwear similar to old GoodNites?

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    Default Underwear similar to old GoodNites?

    Something of a long shot, but I was wondering if there essentially was underwear that had a similar fit to the old big white goodnites? Since I've gotten over my bladder problems, it doesn't actually need to be absorbent, I'm just really going for the feel. Regular underwear is obviously too thin, even if it rides high enough.

    Anyone ever make anything makeshift like that either?

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    Nothing currently produced but it is still possible to get them on ebay or get really lucky and find them elsewhere.

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    I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I wear Baby Pants cloth training pants. They have two weight types, "My First Training Pants" and "Almost a Big Kid". I wear the Almost a Big Kid ones which are thinner and easier to keep concealed under my pants. They are cloth so if you are leaking a lot, you would need plastic pants over them.

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    How about Tykables Padded Briefs? Would that give you the look you are looking for?

    At Capcon, I saw that they are thick, relative to an old school goodnite pre 2004, though you'll never get them to swell like them.

    I just tried my first one from 1999, which was before the 2003 trimfit sizing change. I have no interest, then as I was way more into princess pull-ups back then.

    It's funny, I've become nostalgic for those goodnites based on its fit vs. looks, which is strange. Partially, I credit ebay prices.

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    I'm not looking for actual use, so leaking isn't a concern. I've tried some cloth pullups before, but they don't go all too high, and usually the fit is incredibly tight both in thighs and in front. If there's something cloth that really closely resembles the old goodnites, that's what I'm after.

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    I don't think anything that suits your desires is currently produced, your best bet would be to buy some old stock on ebay.

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