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Thread: Aebnas..what ones should i get?

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    Default Aebnas..what ones should i get?

    I am trying to decide between Abena Supers, Extras, and plus. I don';t want X-plus, WAY too expensive. Has anyone tried any of those? I am leaning towards supers or extras...if I can find any extras. The plus has mee looking into it though, b/c it is so cheap for so amny.

    So, can someone give me their own reviews on each one of those levels? I don't just want "Go for the Supers" I want reason backing them up.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Between super, extra, and x-plus, I'd say the "extra" is probably the bet mix of price, quantity per package, and absorbancy.

    I've used the x-plus before. They really are awesome if you actually are incontinent and are in a situation where you can't change for several hours. It's also fantastic for overnight use. But yeah, they're pretty expensive.

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    Super is the best bang for the buck.

    The Super offers very good capacity in a thinner package than the X-Plus. Cost per ounce is among the best, and press-out performance is outstanding.

    The extra is a little more thick, and harder to find. They aren't that much less expensive than the x-plus's though.

    I'm going to be one of not many people on this forum to try the "Plus" out. I'll have them on Tuesday. Until then, I can't personally tell you how good it is.

    Super is my favorite one. It's not too heavy, and it holds a hell of a ton.

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    I like the Supers... but I'm planning on trying Extras soon.

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