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Thread: Buying an awesome loft/cabin bed! (Need ideas!)

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    Lightbulb Buying an awesome loft/cabin bed! (Need ideas!)

    It's been three weeks since I've been on here so, hi!

    I've started a project which I'm very excited for. I've purchased a double loft bed. I'm going to hang mobiles from the ceiling and add cot bumpers around the side.

    Underneath the bed, I'll be making a play room. I've bought some foam tiles and 3 pairs of black out curtains to hang around the bed. I've bought a load of new toys, beanbags and a toy box.

    I'm pretty excited about this but I'm just wondering what else I could add to make it look and feel like a real kid's dream bed. I might buy some fairy lights to hang underneath the bed but I don't know what else to get.

    I'd love any ideas. I'm super excited about this and I'm completely obsessed with making this bed as awesome as humanely possible.

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    I don't know if this is interesting to you, but you can easily make it into an actual cot. By turning it upside down, and using the legs as side posts for the gates and base panels. this is what i did with my mid sleeper, I now have a cot that is around 3 and a half feet tall. .

    if you turn it upside down and measure the bottom width and height of the legs, you can get plywood pre cut to size, so that it just slides in. all you need to do then is fasten it in place, as for the sides, just use some 2x2 and some 1 inch dowel. Bingo a full cot..


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    I like your idea. I'd keep it as a loft bed, and with the black out curtains, I think you can have a lot of fun with it. You could hand little kid print curtains on the inside which would give your inside space a nice "little kid's" look.

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    You can do anything...but when i had little ones here, under the loft bed,which was enclosed with blankets, took and usd Christmas lights around the top for lighting...and a star light, lava lamp, and a cheap (30-40$) laser for fun.

    Basically what wasn't nailed down, or in use got sucked in here like a black hole!

    Just loo around, i sure you've got some xmas lights, and maybe some cutesy lamp, or other stuff that would look cool in thee.

    A "real" kid tends to just use stuff they see around, mostly stuff around the house...

    Also, look in the Halloween stuff, perhaps the fake (blowing fabric) fire lights,or outdoor light projector...

    Have fun!

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    That bed look really neat, you have a great idea for it. I would do something like Christmas lights or some kind of lights that have color of course.

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    You have such a great idea, I need to do this, too *__*!

    I'd prolly paint it blue with yellow star pattern with sabloon!

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    You could get some colorful fencing for the bottom area to close it in as your play room. Something similar to this but maybe cheaper

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