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Thread: bowel urgency

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    The original is a little sticky, but the creamy leaves more of an oily residue behind. Either one, you will want to wash your hands (I find just once is enough) after applying it, and before trying to put your diaper on.

    For something even better, try looking into a prescription for "triple diaper cream" (not triple paste). It rubs in pretty good so at the most I have to wipe my hands off a little to get rid of any remaining residue. This cream is also way more effective than anything over the counter too.
    Thanks Slomo I'll have a look it, I've only ever put on cream after a accident to ease the burning (never really known much else), can you put this on or a cream on at night to last the whole night so when I do soil it will protect my skin for a bit? Just as I am such a bad sleeper (and on many meds) that when I normally wake to change it completely wakes me up and can never get back to sleep, just would like to sleep slightly longer without changing straight away if that makes sense.

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    For -healing- a rash you want to use a cream. Use the cream first with clean skin and rub it in fully. This gets absorbed deeper into the skin to help heal damage that's already there. It will NOT last all night, but it will heal faster you after the fact.

    For -protecting- against a rash you want to use an ointment. Apply a thin coating on your skin to create a sort of barrier. This WILL last all night, but will not help you very much for healing.

    To be truly effective you need to use both methods. For you, I'd say start with just the ointment at night. When you wake up and get cleaned up, use the cream to help heal any rash damage that's been done.

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