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Thread: Cheapest option for Rearz Seduction?

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    Default Cheapest option for Rearz Seduction?

    I am dying to try the Rearz Seductions. I live in the US so shipping charges totally kill it for me. I have only found CooshieTooshies and direct from Rearz, but both are very high shipping. Does anybody know they best website to get a pack of Seductions with cheaper shipping? Or if somebody leaves local to me in Washington State and has some surplus, I'd be happy to buy.

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    abdlfactory and diaper conneseur are the outlets with the best selection of ABDL diapers. Both of them have pretty variable stock though, their catalog changes monthly.

    I see seduction listed here;

    BambinoDiapers carries rearz princess and safari, but not seduction. Maybe drop them a line and see what their interest is in carrying seduction?

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