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Thread: question about baby food

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    Default question about baby food

    Is baby food good for adult if eat it in once day I saw thing call baby food diet . Reason asking i'm not over wieght so don't need lose any just have high metabolism so end up get more food than most people becuase burn food off quick .

    So my question would baby food be better snack than eat adult food or junk
    food when what something to snak late at night.

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    You want to know if its ok to eat babyfood instead of snacks?

    Well, it depends on what type of food you're looking at having. If you're worried about losing weight, look at the nutritional info on the back of your normal snacks and the baby food and compare them.

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    what know if it would be healther eat baby for snack instead sit eat full meal or snack late at night.

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    Well I've just said to look at the nutritional information for your regular food, and for baby food. It will be on the back of all packets that you buy, and if not, then you can look it up online.

    Baby food is normally designed to be especially healthy for babies, so this might not be good for you.It might be lacking in certain things that you need more of.Living off baby food completely will not be healthy for a teenager or adult, because babies have different diatery needs.

    But swapping one snack for a jar of babyfood will not hurt you.

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    yeah not say was go eat baby food alll time just for snack instead eat normal adult for late night every night.

    I just want know was ok for adult eat baby for snack not this not going to be A full time diet .

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    Quote Originally Posted by babylife247 View Post
    what know if it would be healther eat baby for snack instead sit eat full meal or snack late at night.
    You need to have a broader range view of your diet. In reality things are only really unhealthy given the amount you eat them or in the broader context of what you eat daily. Generally speaking the best snacks are just going to be simple, unprocessed foods. Nuts(unsalted, plain) are great for you as long as you eat reasonable amounts. It also depends on what your snacking is for.

    Making diet choices in isolation doesn't really work since it is the sum of what you eat that really matters. That is why fad diets etc are almost always bad for you.

    That's said baby food isn't exactly super fuel for an adult. You would have to eat a lot of it to really do much(it would take 25+ jars of it just to meet daily calorie needs ignoring other nutritional requirements).

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    If I'm not mistaken baby food has an overabundance of nutrients to help infants develop. Thus baby food would probably be better than junk food for a snack but nothing that will help you lose weight. I could be horribly wrong on this though.

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    ok thank gues got best anwser from you all like said those nut look to lose wieght only wieght about 130 as is . Just look for A snack at night is not go be unhealth if eat alot of it
    and hear fruit and veaglabes in baby food just good normal fruits and veaglables.

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    Please, babylife247, please please please can you start to use a spell checker?

    I'm really sure you would get a lot more replies if... well if your posts were easy to read. I've been having to read them three or four times to understand exactly what you mean. And I'm pretty sure others on this site just won't bother. And good for them.

    So you don't want to lose weight? Try building your muscles up. This will not only help you gain weight, but will also make you feel stronger and better about yourself. If you're seriously worried about your weight then go and see a doctor or nutritionalist. At the end of the day, babyfood is just that: for babies. So you won't be able to live of it. Babies have tiny tiny stomachs. A child healthcare nurse once told me that a babies stomach is the same size as it's fist, so think how little a baby will be eating everyday, and now look at yourself, and how much you normally eat.

    Maybe if you told us what you normally eat, and what babyfood you would actually want to be eating, then we could help you more?

    This link might help you work out everything a bit more:

    Nutrition facts, calories in food, labels, nutritional information and analysis –

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    sorry was in rush the other day I Know baby food for baby and you can't live on it all the time i'm just try to ask is ok have for snack once in while.I all ready get all normal adult food am suppost to eat also no I am not worry about wieght been many dr's and say just becuase got A high metabolism that why wieht that low.

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