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Thread: What tape to use?

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    Default What tape to use?

    As everyone knows ABU is having some issues with there tabs coming off the back wings. It seems like the package of Rearz Safari's I just got are kinda having the same problem (same tab supplier maybe?). Not a big deal really since a little extra tape seems to solve the problem.

    I'm just curious as to what type of tape do you guys use when you're having issues with tabs not sticking. I just use some clear duct tape but even then that tape usually starts to come off after awhile too. Is there something better?

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    Use Duct Tape.
    That is what is keeping my diaper tapes from coming undone.

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    I've not tried ABUs but most cloth like adult diapers suffer from tapes pulling off the back sheet. I find a staple in each before putting the diaper on works well. Tape helps with tabs that will not stick well to front of diaper as in cloth like with sticky not Velcro type tabs in making a landing zone across the front. Tape is also useful for plastic diapers where the tapes slip, I tape over both tabs across the front of the diaper. My tape of chose is white duct tape from Ocean State Job Lot, cheep and blends in.

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    Yes, Duct Tape, the "Red Green" all-purpose fix-it tool.

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    I use the duct tape with designs on them. ABU Space? Spaceship duct tape. Tykables Pleather. Batman tape. Little Pawz. Paw print tape. I tend to coordinate my tapes to my diapers.

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    I use duct tape too -- either the Duck or Gorilla brand work really well. There's no way they'd come unstuck!

    I would have thought that most branded/quality duct tape would work.

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    I always have a roll of WHITE duct tape on my diaper drawr.

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    When I ever have a question of the tapes not holding, I use clear 3m heavy duty packing tape (always holds and is practically invisible).
    But, I also have a roll of Hello Kitty duck tape that I will occasionally use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I use duct tape too -- either the Duck or Gorilla brand work really well. There's no way they'd come unstuck!

    I would have thought that most branded/quality duct tape would work.
    Gorilla tape is far the best - last time I used it I needed scissors to cut the tape before I could remove the diaper - but standard duct tape works well enough normally

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    Some people have advised using packing tape, and it's nice to not mess with the look of my diaper, but I find it is really hard on my hands especially overnight. Maybe it'd be better for the daytime. I'm definitely a fan of duct tape. If you don't like the look of grey tape on your white diaper, you can get duct tape in a variety of colors and patterns at most hardware stores, craft stores, and big box stores. They make white duct tape, which works the same as grey, isn't terribly expensive, and looks great on diapers. You can probably also find party, baby, etc other duct patterns that you like even better as tapes.

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