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    Hi All-

    Wanted to just introduce myself. I have perused forums for years and years, and finally decided to join the site.

    A bit about me: I am a straight male DL. I was trying to deny it for so long but I am just going to accept it now as best I can. I am very social, and greatly enjoy chatting with people. My biggest hobbies are the outdoors (fishing), watching and playing sports, and just being around good people.

    I would love to talk to other male DLs especially (I will talk to absolutely anyone!!!) but it would just be cool to connect with guys who are also DL since I thought for so long that I was alone, but it would be cool to chat with ladies too.

    Super friendly so please please do say hi!!

    Also bonus if you are a huge college football fan like I am haha.

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    Welcome to the Forum, make yourself at home , that was a nice introduction.

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    Welcome to the club! I joined not too long ago as well. I love the site, you can ask just about anything DP related and someone is gonna have the answer you are looking for.

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    Hi and welcome. I used to do a lot of fishing, both salt and fresh water. My son did some salt water fishing in Florida over spring break and caught a sail fin catfish, of all things.

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    Thanks so much dogboy! Do you get to fish much these days? Where do you fall on the ABDL scale??

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    Welcome to the forum. You'll find most of us are friendly and fairly outgoing. I'm DL as well.

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    Nice, thanks! Loving having people reach out.

    What brands are your favorite Anton?

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    Welcome to the forum, so far this has been a great forum we have a mix of just about every thing here

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    Hi welcome. I guess I'm a abdl too. I love the great out

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