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    I am once again the only dishwasher and I do my job above and beyond what's required in my job description because when I'm not washing dishes I am helping out by dropping chicken or preparing it go the cooks. I like to listen to music as I work and my boss doesn't care that I have music going but Alita one of the people I have to work with yells at me saying have you lost your mind I can hear that out here and I said sorry I have been battling with the volume all day. You know how one song can be louder than the other and sometimes fluxuates up and down throughout one song right? I told her that just because she was having a bad day doesn't mean that I have to have a bad day. That's only the beginning of it. I'M the one who is doing their side work which makes my job even harder especially at the end of the day where the cooks want me to drop chicken for them and the servers take the hose to clean their counter tops which is understandable but they don't bring it back when they are finished with it making my job harder as well as keeping me busy until midnight getting yelled at for not having my stuff done on-time and it's not even my fault. Sometimes when the cooks just walk in the door they already want me to do things for them . I'M just one person trying to get my work done so I can go home. I don't mind helping out but just not when they want to get lazy on me. I even went as far to go to the managers and they seem to be taking their side unwilling to see what's really going on. I don't know how much more I can take. I'm just a dishwasher not a cook or a server and it's not fair that not only do I have to do my work but do everybody's work. I have been dealing with this problem for one full year and it's very frustrating and I'm starting to lose my mind. Any suggestions on how to get through this is greatly appreciated
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    Insist that the managers define your job requirements and then stick to them. If you do someone else's work, they will come to expect it.

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    Only do the job that you are hired for. Only exception beyond what's required in your job is when they actually need help. DO NOT help them when it's because they are lazy.
    If you colleagues asks why you're not helping out, just say that you don't get paid to do their job.

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    You are a dishwasher not a souis chef or kitchen porter ! just stick to washing dishes and tell the lazy Zb's to go forth and multiply
    Also you doing food prep work could be a breach of your local city's health code because you're not trained for food hygiene and handling plus you're handling dirty dishes etc leading to cross contamination epically as its chicken you work with !!!
    Next they'll want you front of house in between as well

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    Music can be a touchy issue with some people, It really does come down to compromise, even if you feel the other person is being unreasonable. In my office we all like music and we all have different tastes. I like classic rock, opera, Broadway and folk. My coworkers hate my music, and I reallyour don't blame them. One of my colleagues listens to reggae, which is okay, I just find it all sounds the same. Two people like country music, which I think should be banned.

    For myself, I usually might only have time at the end of the day to listen to some music while I'm winding down and catching up on paper work. I don't play opera because I know it drives everyone else up the wall and I don't play it too loud(unless it has been a really long day). My other coworkers try and exercise the same sort of judgement and we work it out. If you can make sure that you are keeping the music to a reasonable level and that no one else is bothered by it, then focus on doing your work. If your colleague is still unhappy with it, then let her be the one to make a complaint since she is the only one with a problem.

    Another option might be ear buds?

    As for doing work for your colleagues, you want to make sure there aren't people taking advantage of you. You always want to busy and engaged with your own work. Remember to put your own work above the work of your coworkers unless you have received other direction from your boss. If you have some free time in your schedule and you want to assist another colleague, then that's fine as well. It's better than being idle. However, if they don't reciprocate and help you out during your busy times, or if they simply expect you to do their work for them, then you are being used and you need to put a stop to that. Cooperation takes two parties for it to work.
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    Anyone who tells you not to do anything else but clean dishes, please don't listen to them. XD That is honestly, very horrible advice. The last thing you want is to simply stop doing what you're asked, even if it's not technically suppose to be part of your job description. It will just cause far more problems. Now that doesn't mean you need to always do what you are asked. If you are currently busy doing your own work, let them know. Tell them, sorry, but I cannot help you at the moment. If they complain just say sorry again.

    Quite frankly though, this sort of thing sounds very typical of food service. When I worked at Panera Bread, I was expected to do just about everything. I don't think there was a single job at the store I didn't do at some point, maybe besides working on the cash register.

    I can't tell you how many times I was on dishes and I was told to drop more soup in the well. I would do it, simply because I know it's dang busy up there. It's not difficult, and it's pretty close next to me. If you are able to do it ... then why not? If it's not too much trouble ... then is it really a big deal?

    If you feel like things are not going well, the only thing you can do is talk to your boss, and if nothing is done ... you just have to put up with it or you could get fired. Or you can quit XD ... that is always another option. Although, I wouldn't advise something like that unless you had another job lined up for you.

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    Shitty coworkers suck, have you thought about swapping to a portable player with one ear bud so you can listen to your music and still be aware of the environment?

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