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Thread: Do you have problems eating when diapered?

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    Default Do you have problems eating when diapered?

    Eating and peeing both at the same time seems like an wonderful thing to do. But whenever I'm diapered I seem to lose apetite. Although I have no problem with the smell of urine. Today I had breakfast with my diapers on. I also peed during eating. Yes, it was fun. But after finishing my breakfast I felt strange and started vomiting.

    Do you guys have these kind of problems? Do you eat while diapered? Or do you remove your diapers when you eat?

    I've extended the time of my diaper wearing and eventually plan on going 24/7. With this goal in mind it's necessary for me to be able to do all things normally with diapers on. Any tips and advice regarding food and Diapers will gladly be appreciated.

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    no problems at all ,I some times fill my diaper while eating breakfast and carry on eating ok

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    Never had this problem. Most of the time I don't think about what I'm wearing.

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    I don't have problems eating while diapered either it's a wonderful feeling to just let it flow into the diaper as I eat and watch TV.

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    If that were a problem, I'd never eat.

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    Ya, I can't say that is a problem for me either. o.o
    In fact, I probably wouldn't even have attributed getting sick to me wearing diapers. I would assume something didn't agree with my stomach or maybe i had a virus or something.
    I don't see why wearing a diaper would make you sick unless you felt grossed out by it and that made you nauseous.

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    Hmmmm... I dunno if I would feel comfortable actually peeing (certainly not messing) while eating.

    Before or after (wetting) is fine... messing... get me changed ASAP!

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    I've never actually sat down and had a meal while diaper. Mainly because I only wear at night. The vomiting is quite bad! Are you sure you're not sick?

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