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Thread: Bambino stretch

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    Default Bambino stretch

    Has anyone tried these? With the current sale, I'm interested but would love to hear from people that have tried them first. I'm a huge ABU and Dry 24/7 fan, but am curious about these.

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    I've had bellissimo's and Bianco/Classic/ Teddy. The Teddy/ Classic/ Bianco aren't as thick as I'd like; I guess they've have gotten thinner than what they used to be. The bellissimo's were thicker and more enjoyable than the bianco/ Classico/ teddy.

    I feel like I've had some issues with stretching because I'll develop a gap and the diapers seem to slip down, even when dry. I probably won't buy Bambino's again, unless I'm trying Magnifico's, but they are expensive. I had a sample of Rearz Safari which I really enjoyed and I'll definitely be going back to them. I also want to try ABU & Cinklz out. Maybe carousel too.

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    I just ordered some, The email mentioned "This new batch of diapers has V2 stretch waist technology and a more protective fold for the tapes as well!" so I'm rather curious about this new batch.

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    I assume you're referring to their newest product, the "Magnifico". Yes I have some here. I got my first order in a bit late and they were out of LG/XL so I ordered M/LG and unsurprisingly they were too small for me. (bambino always fit on the small end) They barely fit, but I was impressed with the quality so I ordered a case of LG/XL when they got back in stock.

    They're a HUGE improvement over any other velcro tabbed diaper I've ever seen. The tabs are rounded and soft instead of jabby on the wrists. They stick really well and are easy to move and can be moved many times. The velcro front panel is also softer than I've seen before. When cushies tried this, the tapes were square and jabby and stiff - they stuck fairly well but the panel was really stiff.

    Then we get to the stretchy sides. These are amazingly comfortable, and most DLs will appreciate being able to get both a very snug fit and one that doesn't break or pop tapes. Bambino tried something like this a few years back with their teddy with "stretch tapes" that were basically a disaster, with very little stretch and tapes that pretty much always broke. So this new version is a real win. The sides are like a thin, durable foam that really stretches well but doesn't tear.

    As with any disposable stretchy material, the sides DO relax a bit after they're worn for awhile, but you can easily move in the tapes a little bit when it's time to adjust them. The sides don't seem to lose their springy stretch though, so after they relax and loosen up and you move the tapes, you're back to a snug stretchy comfortable fit again, which is really good. (I've seen other products that are stretchy/snug/comfy but when they relax and you adjust them, they lose that stretch and are now very rigid and inflexible - bambino isn't like that)

    The diaper itself appears to be based off the bellissimo. The art pattern is a bit lightweight and has a similar "baby blue / pastel" theme to it. But unlike the bellissimo/teddy/classico, the art is on the entire shell, not just the tape panel. And it still looks good under the velcro on the front. I personally would have preferred a mainly white diaper with the pattern only on the tape panel like I have with my Teddy. It's not what I'd call ideal, but it's not a deal-breaker for me. Absorbency/capacity appears to be similar to bellissimo. (which is more than the teddy/classico/bianco) Though these behave a bit like a pull-up in that when they get really wet they tend to sag and try to slide down off your hips. To that end, I declare them best for overnight - they're super comfy, high capacity, and you don't have to worry about sag while laying down. In addition to the tapes being rounded, they're covered in a soft clothline backing (that even the other tape can stick to!) and that makes them VERY comfortable overnight when my hands tend to be placed on my hips and touching my taping area. Most diapers with tape panels are rough on my wrists and I often get jabbed in the wrists by the corners of tapes, but not these! Though as with bellissimo, they swell a lot when wet which can be uncomfortable for side-sleepers like me.

    "This new batch of diapers has V2 stretch waist technology and a more protective fold for the tapes as well!" ... does this simply refer to the magnifico in general, or are you saying this is a "revision 2 magnifico" with improvements over the original magnifico? The differences that states seems to describe the differences between the bellissimo and magnifico?

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    I'm wondering about whether there's a new revision of Magnifico's (V2)

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    Just got the Bianco Ultra Stretch ordered. I'm excited to finally try these! I haven't heard anything about these being a version 2 however. If they are what did they change?

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    Thank you for the replies. Bambinod, thank you for the details. I will be ordering from them now that I've read your post.

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    I just saw those ultra-stretch last night - they look like a plain-white version of their maginfio? I wonder if the padding is magnifico-grade or classico/bianco/teddy grade?

    The magnifico are too thick in the crotch to make a good regular-use daytime diaper for work for me, but if they've gone with thinner padding it might be a really good active diaper. Right now I'm wearing the preschool plastic to work and they're right on the edge of being too thick.

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    Saw this in part of an email.

    Our best-selling hybrid diapers are BACK IN STOCK and better than ever with V2*stretch waist technology and a more protective fold for the tapes as well!

    I can't wait to test the newer tabs.

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    I haven't tried the finished product of these, although I did receive a sample in a case last year when the idea first came out. It performed well and the fit was different than I was used to. Retaping wasn't an issue because of the velcro tabs...only negative I could think of was rolling it up once it was used as the velcro tabs didn't stick to the plastic. I'm still tempted to buy some though.

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