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Thread: I hate adulting

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    Default I hate adulting

    Well, after 2.5 years of no car payments, I have to pick up car payments again. I am going to miss my old car, but 220k miles on it, and it needing about $5k worth of work, it time I get a new one.

    but it $250 a month removed from what I have to spend on fun stuff.

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    I think I have deadly allergies to some aspects of adulting. And I don't think there's an appropriate antihistamine.

    Good luck to you. Hopefully you'll still have some extra money sometimes.

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    Default's not easy being an adult and it's not cheap either. We had to buy a new vehicle two years ago, but we got it paid off. As soon as it was paid for, a big tree branch fell on it, denting it. Yeah, being an adult is not easy.

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    I feel for you. Adulting can suck at times. Im currently dealing with having trouble finding affordable apartments in my area before my lease is up and my roommate moves away. I thankful though not to have a car payment. I may in 2-3 years though. My corolla has 137k on it. Hoping to get at least a total of 200k out of it.

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    Hey, so do I. In fact, I might make a shirt that says "I'm Not Adulting Today".

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