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    Hi guys!

    So, as some of you may know, I am a published professional writer. Actually, I recently won an award for a book in Europe and Latinamerica. So, I'm working on a novel with an ABDL character. I'm asking if here if someone would be interested in giving me feedback and such. It's not an "erotic diaper book" like many I've seen. It is a serious expression of our lifestyle choice. I would like to get your thoughts behind the idea and stuff like that.

    I already have a publisher interested in the book, so yeah, I think it is happening. I'm excited but also want to do a decent work.
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    Hi guys, thank you!!! If you'd like you can PM message me and maybe you can give me some guidance?

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    I wish you luck with this venture, it'd be nice to see a well written/non lemon novel on the subject

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