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Thread: A free VR game that compliments ABDL stuff.

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    Default A free VR game that compliments ABDL stuff.

    One of my new interests is mobile virtual reality. It's the more affordable option to the expensive room size VR and it works with phone with a gyro.
    Anyways, I recently got a new game for my android phone (Google Cardboard compatible) called Fairvalley.

    It's basically a simple carnival experience with a few different rides/ games. But I realized it was really fun with the AB aspects thrown in. Paci in and diaper on, you can then "ride" the horsies on the carousel or go for a slow spin on the ferris wheel. It's calming and exhilarating at the same time.

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    How does riding a ferris wheel or a carousel work in AI? I suppose you actually sit still but every thing you see is moving around? Does it make you feel dizzy?

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    They move very slowly. Actually the horses don't even bob up and down. It's relaxing. Same for the ferris wheel. I use a swivel chair for other VR games anyways so it's easy enough to simulate the spin with that. When I first tried out the game I was sort of "meh" about it until I realized it was slow and would be relaxing. Then my baby side took over and thought how fun it would be to go the fair.

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    they lease HTV Vives Now I just bought one I wish they made ABDL games maybe its something I can do In my spare time I will have to check out that game as well.

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