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Thread: ABDL Camping

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    Cool ABDL Camping

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to find information on ABDL Camping in The US.
    I've found certain websites that date back to 2010, and I've been finding "Fetish Camps".

    Does anyone know where I can find any information? Most of what I've seen are for people 18-35. Since I'm older, I'm obviously not included.

    So here's the general plan, depending on the group size, we find a remote location that we can go to and camp. The more remote the better.

    It will be an 18+ event. If anyone has any ideas as to where a group can get together, that would be great.

    I don't want to plan anything until I have a good idea on participation. It is not intended to be a "sex camp" but what consenting adults do in private is their business.

    It's only meant to be ABDLs getting together and camping.

    If anyone has ideas let me know.


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    In my younger days camping was the best and cheapest way to get along time to enjoy ones diapers....
    Disposal diapers also burn well to

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    fun idea but it'd take a lot of effort to convince me to do anything abdl with others.

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    No offense, but I find a lot of the ABDL's that frequent those places tend to be on the creepy side. It's not that most ABDL's are creepy, but it's that the ones who tend to be very open about it also tend to be very creepy, and thus they are over-represented in offline gatherings.

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    I don't think I'd want to go camping with diapers. It'd be a nightmare with no running water to clean up. :-/

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    In time I probably would. Simply because I have never been with other ABDL's in person before, so I'll have to dip my toes in and take it slow first. If I know the people well enough then yeah. But not with complete strangers.

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    I all way go camping with friends and I take a vary lager duffel bag with me full of cloth diapers. we go for a week at a time, and being a bed wetter I go through a couple of diapers a day. I take over a dozen diapers with me and keep them in my tent.

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    I used to go camping alot with family when I was young. After my parents divorced when I was 10 I never went camping again. I've longed to go camping again and relive those memories and to get out and explore. Going diapered is another aspect that I've really been wanting to experience. Maybe this year I'll get out and do it. It would be great if I could meet some locals around my age to go with.

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    we love camping as a family i am always diapered so is no big deal and i typically will diaper my wife who love her diapies so she doesn't have to wander off in the night to find a potty... there is nothing better the sitting in front of a warm morning fire drinking your coffee in your night time diaper

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