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Thread: What if everyone wore diapers?

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    Default What if everyone wore diapers?

    This is a thought I've had before, and has been shared here before albeit four years ago. I figured it would be okay to bring it up as a point of discussion as the site has grown a bit since then.

    The question for you before I give my thoughts on it is: "What if everyone in the world wore diapers? What if continence was impossible in humans and diapers were the only way of keeping a roughly sanitary private society?"

    Here are my thoughts on the matter. Since people would be placed in diapers since birth, this means that discovering a potential sexual gratification from the use of diapers would be nearly non-existent, there would be an offshoot of people who do but it would be a minute fraction of those who exist currently. However, I believe the amount of people to achieve relaxation out of roleplaying as a baby would jump significantly, perhaps even to the point of being normalized, this would be an increase in choice of babyish printed adult diapers for use by the public.

    Speaking of public, I don't think that wearing your diaper freely in public would be a thing, as it would be considered the equivalent of underwear, but "your diaper is showing" wouldn't be a phrase either as it would be normal for a high-waist diaper to appear out from under clothing. Swim diapers would obviously be the norm at the beach and pools, there would likely be a mix of pull-up and tape style versions of these as everyone would be fecal incontinent as well, and there would likely be marine-themed prints available for them for the aesthetic of being by the water. Hmm... perhaps a hot summers day.

    How do you think a world of incontinent people would pan out?

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    Plumbers would be broke and Kimberly clark would be even richer, Public assembly would stink literally. Powder would probably have more scent choices Illegal drugs would be a dirtier business. Sex would be alot messier. Sitcoms would have more bad diaper jokes.

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    I think ABs would fixate on other aspects of babyhood, since everyone, baby or not, would already be wearing diapers.

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    Lots of diaper stores offering many, many different styles, materials and absorbencies in disposables or cloth.
    Fancy high end designer diaper shops, regular "intermediate" diaper shops then budget and discount shops with lame diapers.
    There would also be lots more to choose from in the "changing supplies" section(creams, powders, oils, medications, etc.) and also lots of different boosters too.

    Clothing companies would have "bulk friendly", "diaper accommodating" or "Stealthy" clothes to help make changing easier, show off more or help hide the bulk if that's your preference.

    Commercial fabric companies would produce more "stain resistant" or "hydrophobic" materials for use everywhere(Movie theater seats, car seats, anything you sit or lay on/wear, Etc.)

    Bathrooms would be a little more advanced, maybe, to help accommodate people needing a change. Vending machines for diapers and supplies would probably happen too.

    There would also need to be a way to dispose of all the worlds diapers, can't just landfill all of them can you?
    Dump them in the ocean? That would be really bad.
    Incineration is an option, but I's assume that's pretty not good for the atmosphere.

    And what about the homeless, are there homeless? is this some sort of "Ideal world" where there are no homeless?
    I'd feel really bad for homeless if continence was nonexistent, they couldn't afford diapers I'd think.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oh and I forgot all the amazing diaper bag choices and the way you carry and commute with all your changing supplies.
    Fancier backpacks, satchels, bags and slings for either showing off or staying "incognito" with better internal organizations too.

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    I have thought about this as well, it would take the stigma away and would be convenient for people but the thing is though the smells would be disgusting. Everywhere you go, the smell of urine or fecal matter. The land fills would be twice as bad as diapers don't biodegrade.

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    Need is the mother of invention.

    I would expect that if everyone needed diapers, we probably would have by now a bio-degradable diaper.

    I would also suspect that we either would be used to the smell and not be bothered by it or the perfume companies would be the's of this new world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    Need is the mother of invention...

    I would also suspect that we either would be used to the smell and not be bothered by it or the perfume companies would be the's of this new world.
    And maybe just make much better preforming diapers, with enhanced odor reduction technology too maybe.

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    Omg the fashion industry would be awesome (diaper showcases!), and the advertisements would be like beer commercials, except with bottles lol... And all of the old people wouldn't have to feel embarrassed or helpless about getting older...
    Ooh! And the diaper advertisements we have now wouldn't make you feel so alienated or weird.

    I love my muses

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    Would make for an interesting premise for a fic set hundreds of years into the future.

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    I'd be interested in such an idea But then, that's a looooooot of diaper rash!!! x~x

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