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Thread: How big was your biggest mess

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    Default How big was your biggest mess

    How big was it?

    Just interested

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    I have severe urgency issue since a surgery years ago. The first few years all my BM's were very loose. The doc recommended I use a bulk producing fiber supplement to firm thing up. I experimented and found if I have 3 or 4 large doses of Metamucil everyday I have firmer, well formed BM's. It doesn't help the urgency any and I have more frequency and larger volume. For some social situations (like flying) i will take loperamide and it has a constipating effect. When it wears off I usually have several enormous BM's. They literally fill the diaper completely, front to back. An average person will produce around a pound of poop a day, give or take. My estimate for a mega load is probably around 5 pounds. Yea, I know. Gross.

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    I went to a Chinese all you can eat buffet with some friends. Back then I was fairly skinny and didn't have as much muscle as I do now. After my 5th trip to the buffet, one of the employees started to tell me "no no, you eat too much. You pay again". I told him to go f*** himself and filled up my plate.
    There was a bunch of people watching me now. So after I finished that play I got up and went back up to the buffet and a few people were clapping and cheering me on. This time the employee tried to take food off of my plate and said that they are calling the police.
    With another full plate I went back to my table and all my friends were embarrassed and wanted to leave. Unfortunately they picked me up so I had to go with them. I looked bloated and was eating out of spite at that point anyway.

    Sooooo fast forward. I went home and drank a bunch of beers that were left over from a party. They were terrible but I drank them anyway. So I stumbled in to my bed. When I woke up in the morning something felt off. I started to turn on my side and a really bad smell hit me. Then I realized what happened. I crapprd myself while I was sleeping. It was everywhere.
    It was coming out of the front and back of my diaper as well as one leg opening. My sheets were destroyed and the mattress was too. Clean up was a bitch because it was all up my back and everywhere. I was vomiting to top it off. I don't know if it was the food, how much of it I ate, or the beer that did it to me. I'm pretty sure it was a combo of all of them.

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    Weirdly enough my biggest poops seem to be when I'm doing a juice fast/cleanse.

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    ​Overflowing mush going out the diaper everywhere inside my pants not too long ago.

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