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Thread: bronchitis.

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    Default bronchitis.

    It's been three weeks since being sick last, and now I've got bronchitis. -.-

    To be honest, It's tolerable when you don't have a sore throat but it's getting annoying coughing up mucus all the time.

    I always end up barking like a dog with bronchitis. lol...

    Time to see a doctor .... not having this shit last 3 months.. like it did last time.

    On the another note, bronchitis can technically kill me. (asthamtic)

    I need a check up I reckon, I've been getting sick so often lately, that it's concerning, no energy sleeping tons etc.

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    First of all: Get well soon! Sometimes one thing follows the next. I'm not a doctor of course but I think if the immune system didn't have enough time to recover you just catch the next thing and so on. My mom had this type of sickness-series recently and I absolutely HATED that she didn't take it slow.
    If your doctor prescribes you antibiotics be sure to take some probiotics as well for your digestive system (where a huge part of your immune system is located). The antibiotics kill the good bacteria too...
    Take care!

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    Can sympathize right now, fighting nasty bronchitis myself. At least I managed to avoid full-blown pneumonia. Of course, how did I get exposed to the crap? My boss came in to work a couple of days last week with pneumonia. Yeah, feel free to share that with everyone, thanks!

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