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Thread: The neuroscience of infantilism

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    Default The neuroscience of infantilism

    The "inner child" exists within us all.
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    It's interesting to look at 60 year old studies but the conclusions reached don't seem to show the whole picture. No doubt there are physical "pleasure centers" in the brain that have evolved over eons but the unanswered question in these studies is why diapers would trigger these "comfort zone" impulses for a tiny percentage of the population.

    You mention "discomfort zones" that are entered via "negative signals" but don't develop this idea to any extent. This is the flip side of the coin and I believe it is important to take it into consideration in order to get a fuller understanding of the social conflicts that arise over 'deviant' behaviors.

    As social animals we have no doubt evolved comfort zones and discomfort zones not just as individuals but also as members of a group. "Denying and suppressing" natural but unusual impulses in an individual may lead to mental problems in that person, but doing the same to people who's impulses are more inline with the social norm also causes problems.

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    This would be a good question to ask Bitter Gray. He has been doing a lot of data collection on Paraphilic Infantilism, and his site may have more information on it.


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