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I know it scares the hell out of me, the line is blurry and that means person X may think it's CP while person Y it's not, I don't think I have ever crossed any pictures that where true CP
Ya, it scares me too, and same here. I have never come across any drawings or pictures I would consider cp. I have obviously seen cartoon drawings of underage/baby characters in diapers, but typically not in any sort of overly sexual manner that I think would be considered cp. I mean to be frank, if we consdiered that cp then pretty much any loli character in an anime or game showing too much skin would also have to be consdiered cp I would think.

I remember there was that huge controversy over the Elin race in TERA Online XD. To me, just because a character in anime looks young, doesn't mean they are young. Plsu that race has a more mature body shape, they are just small and have cute faces XD.
Some people would say, well they clearly look like a child! And to be frank, there are people in real life who look young but are not young. Are people not allowed to date them or have sexual relations with that person cause they happen to look young?

A lot of people forget that the reason pedophilia is looked down on is because a child cannot consent. That is quite literally the only reason it is immoral. They are not mature enough and by acting on such things it would be considered harmful. It's not how they look that is the problem.

It's a complicated matter and you often feel like you have to tip-toe around the subject because you don't want to say anything that can cause anyone to point fingers and make accusations against you for sticking up for it, even though that isn't really what is being done. Sticking up for fictional material is all I am doing lol XD