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Thread: Just to update everyone what has been happening.

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    Cool Just to update everyone what has been happening.

    Hi All.

    Just to update everyone what has been happening.

    Jumpy, Appel and myself have been working hard on Cub Club and the web site is nearly ready to show everyone but I have promised that to Jumpy, and he will tell you all about it when he is ready.

    The reason I have not been posting so much lately is because of my job it is long hours so I donít get to be on ADISC so often.

    I donít like my job as I have to adult up a lot which is very hard, so I got a another one that is simmerer to the one I lost, they asked me in the interview about playing, I havenít told them that I am a Little, yet. But I was taken back by the question, also what animal would I like to be. That was easy ďa Tigger.Ē Garrrrr or I did not say garrrr out lowed. But you know the wonderful thing about tigers!

    Any way I start Monday the 24th so just one more week of trying to be a grown-up which I suck at. Then a week off, then back into a job that I hope I will enjoy.

    As for My Book; will it kind of finished but I was not happy with seiten parts. So I had to do a rewrite. Other parts I have added to, and I am weighting about emotions and how us Little ones can deal with them and how a caregiver can help a Little when we are feeling different emotions.

    Well spring as sprung her in the UK and the grass as rised, and now I wondering where the birdy is, the bird is on the wig, but that selly because the wig is on the bird. Selly Grown-ups.

    TTFN ďta ta for now.Ē


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    hopefully I get to meet u with you and jumpy one day

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    Red face

    Yea we get together soon. Would you be able to do one of the munchies in Birmingham?

    Or we will try and do something in Plymouth.
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