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    If you are in therapy, does your therapist know about your little side, and if so, how much have you told them?

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    this might get better responses if you have it moved to mature topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleTraumas View Post
    If you are in therapy, does your therapist know about your little side, and if so, how much have you told them?

    when I was in therapy, it end up my therapist telling me anbout my inerchild and it was through that I fould that I was a Little.

    If you are in therapy I would tell them about your little side and what it means to you.

    as it will help, I know it somthing that is a bit scary to do, as comming to terms that you are a Little is a big step in it self, but that is what your therapist is there for.

    all the best


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    Thanks siysiy - I may. Can i ask how you brought it up with your new therapist or do you still have the same one?

    Rennecfox - thanks i feel my thread is fine here as it relates to AB/DL and Little sides.

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    Well it was my therapies that brought it up for me.
    He said that he feel that I had a form of “peter pan syndrome.”

    For a long time I tried to fit in to the adult world and to conform to what I though was normal, this for me lead to mental health problems and depression.

    I keep not getting it, or understanding what people wonted form me.

    I really suck at being a grown up.

    Now I don’t try at try to be something I not, I am me. One big kid at heat.

    Your therapies will understand the term “my inner child”, and “getting in touch with my inner child.”

    I serest you google these term so you know that this is right for you.

    But just being honest about how you are feeling, to be true to yourself, and to except yourself for how you are on the inside, I have found will make you happier, and able to deal with life much better.

    Hope that help you


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    I brought it up and was glad I did. I'd make sure you are comfortable with your therapist first though. T3ddy

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    I've told my therapist. I made it clear that it wasn't something that I disliked or wanted to change. I've explained that it's a comfort/security thing for me but that there is also a sexual side.

    She's OK with it, but we do still discuss it, mainly my difficulties in living how I want to under my parents' roof and also how I have trouble integrating into adult society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T3ddy View Post
    I brought it up and was glad I did. I'd make sure you are comfortable with your therapist first though. T3ddy
    I second T3ddy's response.

    I did tell my therapist and we looked at the back ground and found it was why shy thought I had ptsd from something and it was the Diaper Discipline I got when I was 3 or 4.

    I have since had two other therapist and It is a non issue with them.

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    It took a lot of trust building for me before I brought it up. He was professional about it. He actually congratulated me when I did because my, at the time, major trust issues and debilitating fear of rejection was a major obstacle that I overtook to bring it up.

    Ultimately we agreed that it was the result of a lazy babysitter that had put me back in diapers. I also had some pretty nasty power and control issues. The use of diapers is a form of rebellion, my words not his. This also falls under freedom, I had a very controlled childhood. This choice is my way of if exerting freedom. My initial argument was efficiency.

    It was an enlightening talk but at the end if the day it is only because I trusted my therapist. It put things into prospective but ultimately I stuck with it.

    On a side note after working in addiction recovery I do classify it as an addiction. In addiction recovery there are many types of addiction, substance is the one that usually gets the attention where as process addictions don't get as much attention, gambling seems to be the exception. For me it was cigarettes. Then there are secondary addictions, which replace the primary when it is given up. For me coffee was my major go to. Even though I consider my diaper use a process addiction I rationalize it by saying "I'm ok with it because it isn't harmful to myself or others and that it is a lot healthier than other addictions I could have."

    So long as it doesn't cause any sort of financial, social, or depressive instabilities or inhibit my work or health I won't evaluate it as an issue.

    Those who have a recovery background could absolutely be justified in calling that choice worth self-evaluation in and of itself.
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    I've been seeing therapists for years because of personality disorders. Part of hat I think caused those disorders to develop over the years was the intense fear of anyone finding out my little secret. I realized hiding it away like I was doing was damaging my mental state. My doctor explained to me very early on that I am a highly sensitive person. About 20% of us are, but I seemed to rank on the extreme scale of it. Intense fear of rejection and abandonment.
    I had to reply to this thread because I also feel constantly lost in our adult society and I always seem to misinterpret proper behavior. I've even said I feel like I'm a 15 year old, which I was back in the 1980s! I also realized my long time childhood urge to comb and pet my hair is a long time standing stress reducer. These practices help me to calm down and I'm tired of being afraid of "their" reaction all the time.

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