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    Ok, I decided to go back to the truckin industry because I just couldn't sit at the house anymore. I actually drive a cargo van over the road. Being incontinent has its challenges doing this. I came out of my shell of denial on facebook during a live broadcast last week. It's no longer an option for me to be diapered. I have to be. Why? I ingest caffeine like it's going out of style. And I smoke. Two horrible bladder irritants. Plus I'm not near a bathroom every 5min like I was at home. I tried. I really tried to be not diapered out here. I wet myself so often I started to cry over it. It comes in waves. Every 15 min or so I have a spasm. So I'm always contributing something to the diaper. I go through 3 diapers usually per day. My doctor thinks my urge incontinence is getting worse, but from a medical standpoint therr is little they can do. I'm so frustrated. It's difficult to keep a case or more of diapers while I'm on the road. Thus van just doesn't have the room, yet in order to buy something of quality on the road you pay retail and I can't afford that. It's a daily struggle. Maybe I screwed up with my j
    Choice of jobs. I never saw the severity of the incontinence coming. Sorry for the rant.

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