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Thread: Ordering from different sites.

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    Default Ordering from different sites.

    I usually get my diapers from eBay because of how convenient it is for me. It always tells you when your package arrives.

    So I just ordered some little pawz from a universe and I need to know how long does delivery usually take.

    If the pack arrives with no problems, I might order some from the bambino site.

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    Default Ordering from different sites.

    Took mine 2-3 days ups. Also they have a map showing roughly how long shipping takes per state.

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    Usually 2-3 days depending on where you live. They usually provide a tracking number so you should be able to pull up where it's at and when the estimated delivery is.

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    I have stopped using Ebay for most items as I have found the items are available either from other online sites at a lower price and with cheaper shipping. I have even found some items locally at a lower price, and local sales taxes much cheaper than the shipping from some eBay vendors. Even Pay-Pal is now available just about everywhere.

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