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    Default Finding someone to talk to

    I joined this forum a few months ago. I think it was a good first step, but I feel I need a way to actually talk to someone face to face.

    Typing messages on a computer screen can only take me so far. Time and time again, I realized that it wouldn't serve me well to tell friends about my DL side. This isn't a kind of topic you can tell just anybody about.

    If anybody knows about any AB/DL groups in the greater New York City area, I'd like to find out about them and potentially have at least one person to talk to who isn't a professional.

    I know this isn't a "group" kind of site, but some referrals could be nice.

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    Hey Trekker, I know what you mean. You might wanna try Fetlife; you could join a Lower NY/ NYC group and connect with people from your area. You also might find some luck on Reddit at abdlpersonals, Littlespacepersonals, and Littlepersonals.

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    Seconding the above suggestions. What I'd also suggest is that you significantly engage here or elsewhere if you want to make those connections (maybe you are but your post count is low, so you'd have to be private messaging a lot).

    Social interaction is work and no one of any substance is going to be your friend just because you turn up. It's possible you could find munches unsatisfying for the same reason. My best suggestion is to proceed on multiple fronts. We are so scattered that it doesn't make sense to pursue a single strategy in engagement. If this is important to you, post on sites and try to interact with others with similar interests (beyond diapers). Use text or voice chats when you find them. Don't be discouraged just because there's no immediate benefit.

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