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Thread: Ghost In The Shell Movie

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    Question Ghost In The Shell Movie

    For those who have seen the movie what were your thoughts on it?
    What did you like and dislike about the move?

    I really want to see the movie myself but I heard it got mixed reviews.

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    i just watched the anime movie GITS 2.0 and some scenes from that are in this movie, from the trailers I have seen.
    It seems that the character is given the proper name Major, instead of the Anime title of The Major. But it should be interesting to see how good Hollywood did on it. It has been a long while in the making. I am quite a fan of the series.

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    I liked it a lot. I thought it was better than the Oshii movie, and I really loved the Section 9 they cast.

    A bunch of the scenes and designs were clearly inspired from the Oshii adaptation, but I though the story was much better. It feels a lot like Blade Runner... it's kinda melancholy and styled as opposed to the most action movies, but absolutely beautiful!

    I'm kinda bummed it got such a bad rap.

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    I heard it was a flop, but I still want to see it anyway.

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    For once hollywood didn't cock up a complex IP. But instead of getting rewarded for it, they're taking a loss due to some BS whitewashing controversy.

    Aiya, lyudi sosat.

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    I just watched the original 1995 anime film for the first time today. Science fiction isn't my favorite anime genre. However I did find it rather interesting, but difficult for me to follow, and I only had a vague sense of what was going on. I guess when a large part of the plot is described in the dialogue I have trouble understanding.

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    It really wasnt white washed. In anime the primary race is a non identified race drawn devoid of racial characteristics to be able to identify with which ever culture is veiwing it. Also take into account the story

    Spoiler below

    But really anime was designed to identify with the culture veiwing it. With no previous back knowledge first time veiwers would not be aware of such things. SJW need to Chill out because the movie was fucking amazing and did not deserve to flop to political correctness. Americas SJW/PC disease just robbed future generations of a potentially great movie series that would also further support the original release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by w0lfpack91 View Post
    It really wasnt white washed. In anime the primary race is a non identified race drawn devoid of racial characteristics to be able to identify with which ever culture is veiwing it.
    This is a common misconception.

    Japanese anime viewers (and many foreigners who take the time to become educated) can clearly distinguish the intended race of anime characters. Distinctions which westerners find subtle (such as the difference between Korean, Chinese, and Japanese characters) is also usually very clear. When it comes to nationalities the creators are less familiar with, European, Middle Eastern, etc. you may see generic types for that region, but they are distinct from Asian characters.

    In the original Manga, the various Oshii adaptations of GitS, the two TV series, and the recent OAV+movie series (ARISE) the Major is very clearly Japanese.

    Technically, by the strict definition of taking an Asian character and casting a white character the movie, was in fact white washed.

    That said, GitS has been rebooted/remixed 5 times now. Each time changes in characters have occurred. Shirow himself has done some significant race changes when he remixes some of his other stories in the past. Historically Shirow has been interested in diverse multinational casts as one of his themes is the tension created by globalism, multiculturalism, and technology (the good guys in his works) and nationalism, and militarism (the bad guys). Personally I found this particular remix expands the diversity of section 9 in some really nice ways.

    Most significantly, one of the main plot threads of the movie involved industrial colonialism of 'the east' by a tech company represented by white execs and scientists.

    This is a really interesting and provocative, and frankly progressive bit of storytelling.

    It also makes the plot significantly more personal and interesting for the Major than any of the other GitS iterations, both adding up to make this the best GitS ever in my opinion.

    It's a shame that they couldn't find a way around the controversy instead of clinging so desperately to their surprise twist, because this was literally one of the worst movies to be a poster child for why whitewashing should stop.

    I think in time it will be vindicated and appreciated as a classic, in the meantime watch it in IMAX while you can!

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